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          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{IsPartOf|Mediterranean|Spain|Mediterranean coast of Spain|Costa Dorada|Barcelona}}
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{{infobox marina
| portofentry= 
| lat= 41.37831
| lon=2.1825
| zoom= 15
| chartlet= y
| vhf= 09
| phone= {{phone|34|932|216 521}} 
| mobile= 
| fax= {{phone|34|932|216 253}} 
| email= [email protected]
| web=
| name= Real Club Nautico de Barcelona
| altname= RCNB
| address= Moll Espanya , 08039 Barcelona, Spain
| contact= 
| berths= 200
| maxlength= 130 ft.
| maxdraft= 
| maxbeam= 
| elect= Yes, 220V on every berth
| water= on every berth
| fuel= Fuel dock¹
| toilets= Yes
| showers= Yes
| laundry= No
| internet= WiFi
| cabletv= Yes
| image= 
| imagetext= 
| hours= 
| notes= ¹ Mon  - Fri: 08:00-18:00; Sun &amp; holidays: 08:00-14:00
Full service marina. 

It is advisable to make advance reservations (Phone :{{phone|34|932|216 521}}  or {{email|[email protected]|email}}).

Before entering the marina, hail them on VHF channel 9.

The bridge at the entrance of the marina opens between 0800 and 2000, every 30 minutes.

24 hour assistance.

* Library
* Sauna
* Restaurant &amp; bar
* Controlled vehicle access

* Dry dock
* Crane 17T
* Cleaning
* Maintenance


RCNB is ideally located for access to the tourist areas of La Rambla, Barrio Gottic and El Born but you will have to fight your way across the pedestrian bridge to get to town, which is generally crowded with tourists. RCNB is on the Moll d'Espanya opposite the Mar Magnum shopping center just across from the famous La Rambla pedestrian street. Bear in mind that this is a crowded, tourist-oriented area of town and while the views and location are spectacular, slips on the west side, close to the opening bridge, in particular, are subject to crowd noise as well as the beeping of the pedestrian bridge siren when it opens each half hour during the day. Slips nearer the opening footbridge are also subject to considerable swell from time to time from tugs passing outside the marina.

''See [[Barcelona#Transportation|Barcelona]]''.

Price per day is 0.723€/m² (+ harbour  rates +water &amp; light consumtion)


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==Rebak Marina, Langkawi, Malaysia==
Rebak Marina is a full service marina on Rebak Island, Langkawi, Malaysia.  Website

{{infobox marina
| portofentry= 
| lat= 
| lon= 
| zoom= 
| vhf= 69
| phone= 604-966 5566
| mobile= 
| fax= 604-966 9973
| email= [email protected]
| web=
| name= 
| altname= Rebak Marina
| address= P.O. Box 125, 07007 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
| contact= 
| berths= 189
| maxlength= 
| maxdraft= 
| maxbeam= 
| elect= Yes, 240v
| water= Metered on dock
| fuel= Diesel is no longer available. Diesel can be obtained from Telaga Harbour Marina (6nm), Kuah Harbour anchorage (10nm - Shell fuel barge) or Royal Langkawi Yacht Club(12nm).
| toilets= Yes. (Tired facilities with 2-3 toilets for M and similar for F)
| showers= Yes (Tired facilities provide 1x cold + 1x hot water showers for M &amp; similar for F)
| laundry= Yes
| internet= 
| cabletv= 
| image= Rebak_Marina_2007.jpg
| imagetext= Rebak Marina, Langkawi
| hours= 
| notes= 
| coords= 06º 17.6'N, 99º 41.7'E

When approaching the marina, please call marina office via marine VHF CH 69. All marinas in Langkawi are standby on CH 69. Marina office is opened every day from 9 am to 5 pm. If no reply call again when you are nearer to the Rebak Island or before you enter the channel. Marina office will advise you regarding traffic in the channel and berthing arrangement. The channel is ''S&quot; shaped and minimum depth is 2.5 meter. Marina crew will standby on the dock to guide you and to help with the lines.

===Marina facilites===
* 189 wet berths
* Dockage for vessel from 10m to 35m
* 8m berth-15 slips, 15m berth-18slips, 18m berth-2 slips, 13.6m berth-36 slips,
* 15m berth-18 slips, 18m berth-2 slips
* 24-hour security
* Calm and sheltered marina basin, no surge, no wake
* Clean, quiet, non- commercialized storm protected harbour
* 240 volt, 16, 32 &amp; 63 amp electric service available in each slip
* Metered fresh water supply
* Steel piling, HDPE float and fenders, timber walkways and fingers
* Laundry, shower and toilet
* Harbour store for personal needs
* Propane gas filling
* Storage compartment on rental
* Facsimile and e-mail services
* Deluxe class resort with 82 rooms
* All day dining restaurant facing the scenic senari straits.
* Bar &amp; Lounge with live entertainment
* Pool bar and swimming pool
* Private beach
* Gymnasium

[[Image:Rebak_Marina_Travel_Lift.jpg|300px|thumb|right|'''Rebak Marina Travel Lift''']]
Haul out facility for 30 ft up to 65 ft yacht is available. Water and electic supply on each bay.

Require reservation via email. Marina management has recently advised that 100% advance payment is required and &quot;Nil refund&quot; conditions apply for any delayed or nil arrival regardless of reason!
For long term storage of more than 3 month, advisable to make early booking.

In-house contractor and chandlery is available on site.

===Marina position===
[[Image:Rebak_Marina_from_air.jpg|300px|thumb|right|'''Rebak Marina from the air''']]
The marina is located on small island, Rebak Island, on SW of Langkawi Island. 
The position is Lat 06 17.6'N 099 41.7'E. Entrance to the marina is on the south of the island. 
Call marina office on VHF Radio Ch 69 before entering for berthing assistance.

From the marina there are ferry service on regular schedule to transfer jetty, Port Langkasuka, on Langkawi Island. It will take about 15 minutes to reach there. From there you can take taxi or hire a car to Kuah town which will take about 30 minutes. Marina office can assist you to book a taxi or a rental car.

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===Personal experience===
Post your personal experience and rating of this marina.

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