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Algeciras is a large, industrial city on the west side of Gibraltar Bay, some 3.5 miles from the Rock. The city was developed under the Franco dictatorship following his closure of the border between Spain and Gibraltar in order to counterbalance the growing strength of the Gibraltar economy. The city has a large commercial port, with fast ferries plying the route to Tangier in Morocco and a huge oil refinery. South of the commercial port, a marina has been installed in the basin of Darsena del Saladillo, which is operated by the Real Club Nautico de Algeciras. The marina offers good shelter in all but strong SE winds when it enters which is uncomfortable rather than dangerous.


British Admiralty (BA)
92 - Cabo de Sao Vicente to the Strait of Gibraltar
142 - Strait of Gibraltar
773 - Strait of Gibraltar to Isla de Alborán
1448 - Gibraltar bay
3578 - Eastern approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar


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From West - On entering through the Straights of Gibraltar, a vessel should stay at least one mile off the coast. Once past the headland of Punta Carnero the installations of the port are conspicuous three miles to the north.

From East - The entrance to the Marina De Algeciras is around 4.5 miles from Europa Point, the southernmost tip of the Rock, on a course of 300 ° approximately, just south of the large fuel tanks onshore.

Entrance - Beware of the ferries which enter and leave the port at high speed. There are three buoys marking the marina entrance, which is entered on a dogleg course round three breakwaters before the marina opens up to port.


Yachts do not go to the commercial port but in the marina situated at the SE corner of the basin.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Algeciras marina from the north

Marina De Algeciras

Marina De Algeciras/wiki/Algeciras#Marina_De_Algeciras
Marina icon Marina De Algeciras [[Algeciras#Marina De Algeciras|Marina De Algeciras]] (Darsena del Saladillo) 36°07.161'N, 005°26.263'W

Marina De Algeciras is operated by Real Club Nautico de Algeciras and has a total of 70 berths for yachts up to 16.0 metres. Depths in the basin range from 4.0 - 12.0 metres. Water and electricity on the pontoons. oilets and showers. Laundrette. Fuel station. Chandlery. 25 T boat hoist.; Tel: +34 (956) 600 666; Fax: +34 (956) 601 402; VHF channels 09 & 16
Address: Darsena del Saladillo , Algerciras, Spain


Laja de la Seca

Laja de la Seca/wiki/Algeciras#Laja_de_la_Seca
Anchorage icon Laja de la Seca [[Algeciras#Laja de la Seca|Laja de la Seca]] 36°09.139'N, 005°25.374'W
Anchorage is possible in the bay North of Algeciras, but winds in the Bay of Gibraltar are unpredictable and there is a virtually constant swell from passing vessels. Most yachts tend to anchor across the Bay at La Linea.

Bajo La Surta

Bajo La Surta/wiki/Algeciras#Bajo_La_Surta
Anchorage icon Bajo La Surta [[Algeciras#Bajo La Surta|Bajo La Surta]] (Alernate name if any) 36°05.607'N, 005°26.152'W
Anchorage is possible in the bay South of Algeciras, but winds in the Bay of Gibraltar are unpredictable and there is a virtually constant swell from passing vessels. Most yachts tend to anchor across the Bay at La Linea.


Water In the pontoons of the Marina De Algeciras
Electricity In the pontoons of the Marina De Algeciras}
Toilets In the Marina De Algeciras
Showers In the Marina De Algeciras
Laundry Laundrette in the Marina De Algeciras
Garbage Bins in the Marina De Algeciras
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Chandlers Chandlery in the Marina De Algeciras
Repairs 25 T hoist in the Marina De Algeciras
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  • The Algeciras train station is located 300 metres west of the port entrance


Algeciras is a modern and rather unattractive port city and offers little of interest to the cruising visitor.


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