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Bali International Marina

Entrance to Marina


The Benoa harbor leads begin at the Sea Buoy at 8°45'14 S, 115°14'55 E. Follow the leads (just below a lone palm tree on the hill above) - on a course of 255True, past buoys #1 and #2 to the beginning of the dog-leg channel. Maintain a course close to the Red (left) side channel markers (stay clear of all Green markers). Continue 30 meters past the last Buoy #8 before turning North - (staying close to the main ship wharf - portside) - to the Marina, located at 8°44'28"S and 115°12'48"E. We do not recommend night time approaches without prior experience -- Very dim navigation lights against a bright background. We recommend a slack-tide arrival if possible. In fact, the port is officially closed at sundown if you're concerned about your yacht insurance.

Radio Contact

VHF Channel 77

Contact Details

Bali Marina, Benoa Harbor
Jalan Raya Pelabuhan Benoa
Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia
Tel: +(62) 361 723-601,2 or 3, Fax: +(62) 361 723-604, +(62)-361-726522


  • Bali Marina Yacht Club Restaurant - Asian & western specialties, cold beer and drinks at Marina Bar.
  • Port Agent and Yacht Sales brokerage.
  • Helicopter clearance.
  • Freight clearance of parts for Yacht in-Transit .
  • Mail received & forwarded. IDD telephone, fax and Cyber Business Office for E-Mail & Internet Surfing. Messaging service – Monitoring VHF Channel 77.
  • Laundry Service - - Professional.
  • Money Changing at daily exchange rates. Also credit card cash advances.
  • Transportation - - hire taxi, automobile or motorcycle. Airline or island tour reservations.
  • Provisions in our ”ship shop”. Beer, Bottled Water, Ice, Marine Supplies, Indonesian Navy Charts, and Sundries.

Bali Marina can handle the full CAIT process on your behalf. See Details

NOTE: Indonesia will no longer fill foreign Propane tanks. Plan ahead - - fill up and/or bring a spare tank.


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