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Crossing Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania can be risky but if the right procedures are followed it can be done safely and comfortably.


Weather Considerations

Firstly, check the weather from the BOM (Bureau of Meterology), they provide first rate weather forecasting. There are regular forecasts on HF Daytime (7am–6pm) EST 4426, 16546.Night-time (6pm–7am) EST 2201, 6507. Anytime 8176, 12365.VIC forecasts are broadcast at 0130, 0530, 0930, 1330,1730, 2130 hours Eastern Standard Time. If you have internet check out the site and go to 'Marine and Ocean' then Victoria, then Bass Strait. The Strait is broken up into regions for more accurate forecasting but if you are heading south from Eden look at East Gippsland Coast, Central Gippsland Coast,Central Coast, Central North Coast forecasts.

General Overview of this Passage

Crossing Bass Strait can be done in stages, eg., From Eden you can go to Lakes Entrance though the bar there has to be crossed in the right conditions (more about that at a later date) which is about 120 NM from Eden. You can get behind Gabo Island and anchor near the jetty in anything from south to northerly winds. Another worthwhile stop is at Refuge Cove on the eastern side of Wilson's Promitory that is approx. 100 NM from Lakes Entrance. Refuge Cove is a delightful little cove where you can await for the right conditions to cross to Tasmania or from there you can island hop to the Kent Group (Deal Island) about 60 NM and then to Flinders Island where anchorages abound. Be prepared for the odd gale but Flinders Island is worth it. If anchoring over kelp try to use a fisherman's (Admiralty pattern) anchor or move anchorages. From Flinders you can hop down before crossing Banks Strait.

A word of caution here. Do not cross through with wind against tide as it can get nasty - wait for the right conditions and it will be safe and comfortable. (Captain Dave 06:03, 17 September 2011 (BST))


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