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Berwick-Upon-Tweed is the northern most port on the East coast of England. A historic market town close to the boarder between Scotland and England, it is a great place to visit if you like being off the beaten track. Facilities in Tweed Dock are basic but sound. Navigation is reasonably straightforward in good conditions but require care otherwise.


British Admiralty
1612 - Berwick Upon Tweed
111 - Berwick Upon Tweed to Farne Islands
160 - St. Abbs Head to Farne Islands
C24 - Flamborough Head to Fife Ness (with chartlet for Berwick-Upon-Tweed)


Berwick-Upont-Tweed is on the boundary of both the inshore and shipping forecast areas, so it best to consult the forecasts for both areas as follows:


Distances to ports further north
Distances to ports further south


  • Harbor master VHF Channels 12 and 16, 07745 495292 or 07725 860029 during office hours only

Also see Cruiser's Nets


Depths change frequently at the harbour entrance so it advisable to approach on the top half of the flood tide and consult the harbor master before approaching.

From waypoint 55°45.62′N, 1°58.0′W approach the breakwater lighthouse on a bearing of 294 T following the leading line of the light house on the breakwater in line with the spire on the town hall. Keep the breakwater close on your starboard side until shortly before the the port hand marker is reached. There is rock awash at chart datum close to the breakwater past the point that the breakwater turns North West. After passing close to the port hand marker pick up the leading line formed by two orange beacons on the south shore of the river bearing 207 T. Follow the river West then North West keeping between the starboard lateral markers and the jetty on the south shore until arriving at the entrance to Tweed Dock.

At night the lighthouse on the end of the harbor breakwater has a white sector flashing every 5 seconds and a fixed green sector. The white sector does not clear dangers to the north and so the lighthouse should be approached keeping it on a bearing of 294 T (from the waypoint listed above) or more (330 T). The lateral markers and second leading line are lit.


Berthing may be found on the south east harbour wall in Tweed Dock or against the pilot vessel. The dock is primarily intended for commercial shipping so it is highly advisable to consult the harbour master before berthing.


Water Y
Electricity N
Toilets Y
Showers Y
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel Y (cans)
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs ?
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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Tesco Superstore/wiki/Berwick-Upon-Tweed#Tesco_SuperstoreProvisions icon Tesco Superstore [[Berwick-Upon-Tweed#Tesco Superstore|Tesco Superstore]] 55°45.840'N, 002°01.313'W General Groceries Store, on A698 West of Tweed Dock, tel. +44 (0)345 026 9621 distance 0.7 miles, 15 minutes walk

Store name2/wiki/Berwick-Upon-Tweed#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EStore_name2.3C.2Fspan.3EProvisions icon Store name2 [[Berwick-Upon-Tweed#Store name2|Store name2]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.

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Name/wiki/Berwick-Upon-Tweed#.27.27.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EName.3C.2Fspan.3E.27.27Eatingout icon Name [[Berwick-Upon-Tweed#Name|Name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.
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Name/wiki/Berwick-Upon-Tweed#.27.27.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EName.3C.2Fspan.3E.27.27Eatingout icon Name [[Berwick-Upon-Tweed#Name|Name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.


  • Main line railway station with links to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Edinburgh and London



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