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20°00.0′S, 167°47.0′W
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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Beveridge Reef in the Pacific Ocean.

Beveridge Reef
Beveridge Reef sketch
sv Final Straw at anchor at Beveridge Reef

Beveridge Reef in the South Pacific is an undersea mountain capped by a coral atoll 20º00S 167º47'W. It encloses a lagoon about 4 nM long in a NS direction and about 2nM wide. Apart from breaking seas, the reef is not visible (Pacific Islands Pilot, 1984).

As reported by W J Gleeson of the Odyssey in July 1996, Beveridge Reef only barely extends above water, offering shelter to boats who can negotiate its 7m shallow entrance sill. The reef is rather large, about 5 x 4 nM or 9.5 x 7.5 km, about half the length and width of Niue and one quarter it's area. Please note that the sketch on the right is a hand-drawn chart, not suitable for navigation, but its GPS co-ordinates are more reliable than those on present nautical charts. A later report (2004) mentions that the trawler wreck has become invisible.

Shallowest part of entrance: S 20º 00.06' W 167º 46.62'.

Unlike Niue, Beveridge Reef does not emerge like a raised atoll. Its rim and lagoon are still being built by coral organisms that need to stay submerged in order to grow. This suggests that Beveridge Reef is rather young, from after the last ice age, as the waters rose to what they are now, some 14,000 years ago.


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  • As it is also subjected to the SE trade winds and swells, best anchorage is towards the wreck of a 27m (90FT) trawler on a course of 110º Magnetic. On this course, coral bommies leave about 6m of water above them. This anchorage provides best shelter against the SE trade winds. The anchorage at 11m is at S 20º 01.00' W 167º 45.00' (see sketch)


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  • A good dive spot is reported just south of the entrance at the eye of the anchor symbol (in the sketch).


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