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| name= Marina de Formentera
| name= Marina de Formentera
| altname=  
| altname=  
| url =
| url =
| zoom= 16
| zoom= 16
| portofentry=  
| portofentry=  
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| name= Formentera Mar
| name= Formentera Mar
| altname=  
| altname=  
| url =
| url =
| zoom= 16
| zoom= 16
| portofentry=  
| portofentry=  

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WorldMediterraneanSpainMediterranean coast of SpainCosta BlancaBalearic IslandsFormentera
38°41.600'N, 001°28.600'E Chart icon.png
lat=38.69333 | lon=1.47667 | zoom=11 | y

Formentera is the smaller and more southerly island of the Pityusic Islands (aka Pine Islands) group (comprising Ibiza and Formentera, as well as various small islets), which belongs to the Balearics in Spain.


See Ibiza.


See Spain.


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages'


  • Ibiza (or Eivissa)Ibiza (or Eivissa)/wiki/Ibiza Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • S'EspalmadorS'Espalmador/wiki/S%27Espalmador Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • S'Espardell S'Espardell /wiki/S%27Espardell Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data |


Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares. Puerto de la Savina

Phone: +34 (971) 322130
Address: C/ De Calp, s/n. 07870 La Savina (Formentera)


S'Espardel/wiki/Formentera#S.27EspardelDanger icon S'Espardel [[Formentera#S'Espardel|S'Espardel]] 38°47.839'N, 001°28.634'E The islet is in the protected zone. Keep clear of the area marked with yellow buoys. Anchoring is prohibited.



La Savina

La Savina/wiki/Formentera#La_Savina
Harbour icon La Savina [[Formentera#La Savina|La Savina]] 38°44.034'N, °'E
La Savina is the Formentera port and is located to the north of the island. It has a sporting port with all essential services to cover sailing needs. There are 2 companies that manage the over 159 moorings of La Savina Port.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marina de Formentera

Marina de Formentera/wiki/Formentera#Marina_de_Formentera
Marina icon Marina de Formentera [[Formentera#Marina de Formentera|Marina de Formentera]] 38°44.038'N, 001°24.956'E

The marina has 64 berths for yachts 8 to 38 m long, depth 3.5 to 4 m. Water, electricity, toilets, showers, fuel dock, WiFi. Repair shop, chandlery. Resturant, bar.; Tel: +34 (971) 322 346; Fax: +34 (971) 322 321 033; VHF channel 09
Address: Marina de Formentera, Dársena Deportiva, La Savina, 07870 Formentera (Baleares), Spain
Hours: 24h dock service

Formentera Mar

Formentera Mar/wiki/Formentera#Formentera_Mar
Marina icon Formentera Mar [[Formentera#Formentera Mar|Formentera Mar]] 38°43.980'N, 001°25.135'E

The marina has 95 berths, max length 30 m. Water, electricity, toilets, showers, fuel dock, WiFi. Fuel station, 4,000 m² concourse and boat wintering area. Dry dock and 32 tonne Travelift. Repair workshops, paintworkand P.R.F.V, carpentry, mechanics, lectronics. 24 survailance. Restaurants and Cafeterias.; Tel: +34 (971) 323 235; Fax: +34 (971) 322 222; VHF channel 09
Address: Puerto la Savina, Formentera, Baleares, Spain


Cala Saona

Cala Saona/wiki/Formentera#Cala_Saona
Anchorage icon Cala Saona [[Formentera#Cala Saona|Cala Saona]] (Cala Sahona) 38°41.743'N, 001°23.214'E
A shallow bay with clear water protected from S by Punta Rasa. Anchor at 4-6 m depth next to the beach. Ashore is a nudist beach, a bar and a restaurant.

Es Racó de Sa Pujada

Es Racó de Sa Pujada/wiki/Formentera#Es_Rac.C3.B3_de_Sa_Pujada
Anchorage icon Es Racó de Sa Pujada [[Formentera#Es Racó de Sa Pujada|Es Racó de Sa Pujada]] (Cava del Vell Mari) 38°40.540'N, 001°31.822'E
A deep inlet with sandy bottom. Escollo Es Racó de Sa Pujada/wiki/Formentera#Escollo_Es_Rac.C3.B3_de_Sa_PujadaDanger icon Escollo Es Racó de Sa Pujada [[Formentera#Escollo Es Racó de Sa Pujada|Escollo Es Racó de Sa Pujada]] 38°40.845'N, 001°32.171'E Reportedly there is a rock a 1 m depth in approx. 1 NM SW of the cape Sa Creu, 130 m off the shore.

Caló de s'Oli

Caló de s'Oli/wiki/Formentera#Cal.C3.B3_de_s.27Oli
Buoy icon Caló de s'Oli [[Formentera#Caló de s'Oli|Caló de s'Oli]] 38°43.943'N, 001°24.272'E
This anchorage is located at a protected area. In season (Jun-Sep) this anchorage is a managed buoy only field. See Balearic_Islands#Anchorages for more details.

See also the neighboring island of S'Espalmador for a couple of other options.


Water In the marinas
Electricity In the marinas
Toilets In the marinas
Showers In the marinas
Garbage In the marinas
Fuel Repsol/wiki/Formentera#RepsolFuel icon Repsol [[Formentera#Repsol|Repsol]] 38°43.990'N, 001°25.075'E is located at the pier W of Formentera Mar
Bottled gas
Repairs In the marinas
Internet WiFi In the marinas
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals Can be arranged at the marinas


Supermercado La Savina/wiki/Formentera#Supermercado_La_SavinaProvisions icon Supermercado La Savina [[Formentera#Supermercado La Savina|Supermercado La Savina]] S of the port (Avda. Mediterránea, Jun-Sep 08:00-21:00; Oct-May Mo-Sa 08:00-21:00, Su 08:00-middday)

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See Balearics.


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