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WorldNorth AtlanticIrish SeaNorthern EuropeIrelandKinsale
Port of Entry
51°41.618'N, 008°30.185'W Chart icon.png
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See Ireland.


See Ireland.


See Ireland.


See Ireland.


See Ireland.


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If heading up the River Bandon towards Castle Park Marina, pay particular attention to the tides as they are very strong, which can make berthing quite difficult especially in busy times of the year. The channel coming into the harbour is well marked, wuth mooring bouys to Port as you round the headland. Visitor Bouys are yellow and can be found up river towards the bridge.


Kinsale is a port of entry for Ireland. For details see Entrance: Ireland.


Describe here the berthing options of this port. Are there moorings or you have to anchor? Do most boats moor side-to, stern-to, or bow-to? Etc.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Kinsale Yacht Club
    Telephone: +353 21 477 3433 | Fax: +353 21 477 4455 | Email. Kinsale Yacht Club is a very welcoming Yacht Club in a very accessible port.Club house has showers and a bar. There is also dining on racing evenings
  • Castlepark Marina
  • Telephone: Marina Manager - +353 87 7502737


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Yachts can anchor on the river Bandon, a few hundrew metres up river from the Kinsale Yacht Club. Holding here is good, but take care as the tide is quite strong here. Around the headland to the east of Kinsale in Oysterhaven, which is a well protected anchorage with a number of private mooring bouys.


Water Kinsale Yacht Club Marina has water on the pontoons. The Castle Park Marina which is up river has water.
Electricity Kinsale Yacht Club Marina and the Castle Park Marina have electricity on the pontoons
Toilets The Castle Park Marina has private facilities
Showers The Castle Park Marina has private facilities
Laundry Yes
Garbage Yes
  • There is a fuel dock at the Castlepark Marina nearby
  • Fuel can also be ordered from local fuel companies and one can fill up at the Pier
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers The nearest chandlers is the Union Chandelry which can be found in Cork City. There is a general DIY/Engineering shop called Bandon Co-op in Kinsale, nearby Lidl.
Repairs ?
Internet The Castlepark Marina has Wi-fi available.
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


There are 3 main supermarkets in the town. Centra and Supervalu are located near the main street. There is also a Lidl about 4 minutes drive outside Kinsale town.

Eating out

  • Kinsale is the Gourmet capital of Ireland.

Too many to mention.


  • Bus service to Cork city and Cork International Airport
  • Good connections to the UK by air
  • Taxis easily available



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Places to Visit

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Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

  • Michael Mc Laughlin will try to help
    Contact at Email
    Phone +353 86 8331326


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See Ireland.


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