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55°30.86′N, 1°36.68′W
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NewtonHaven.jpgNewton Haven from the North

Newton Haven (also known as St. Marys Haven or Low Newton by the Sea) is a fabulous anchorage when the wind is from the right direction (NW through W to S) and there is little swell. The drying rocks to the East (Fills Rock) provide shelter from all but a North Easterly swell on the bottom half of the tide, but they are covered on the top half of the tide and a second anchor to prevent you lying sideways on to the swell is recommended.

The anchorage is very picturesque with views of Dunstanburgh castle to the South, a cluster of houses around a small green and an excellent pub called "The Ship Inn".


There are no good charts which cover this anchorage in detail, but Google maps satellite image gives an excellent idea of the layout of the anchorage.

British Admiralty


See Amble for local weather details.

Routes/Passages To/From

Destinations to the North

  • Beadnell 2.5nm
  • Seahouses 4.5nm
  • Farn Islands 6.5nm
  • Holy Island 12.5nm
  • Berwick upon Tweed 23nm

Destinations to the South


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The 1st Leading Line

Newton Haven lies to the south of a prominent radio mast. Newton point can also be identified by a smaller radio tower.

Approaching from the north, keep to seaward of the Newton Rock port hand lateral marker and continue south towards Dunstanburgh Castle until the first leading line into the anchorage is identified. Take care not to turn east before the leading line since the are several rocks to the south west of the lateral marker.

From the south, clear the point off Dunstanburgh castle and keep heading north towards the Newton Rock port hand lateral marker until the first leading line into the anchorage is identified.

The first leading line is the line of the roof (or chimneys) of the houses to the south of the Low Newton green (see photograph). This line clears both Fills Rock to the South and also the rock to the south of Newton point (this rock can be clearly seen as a breaking wave on the Google maps image). Keep on this line until it is time to start turning on to the the second leading line to the south.

The 2nd Leading Line

The second leading line is the keep of Dunstanburgh Castle in line with the most westerly non covering rock which forms part of Emblestone Rocks (see photograph). These are the prominent band of rocks that protect the southern part of the anchorage. Follow this line south and anchor in 3 - 4 meters of water or as far south as your draught and the tide allows.

Note that the point of intersection of the two leading lines is quite shallow (approx. 1M) and it is best to turn towards the second leading line slightly before the rock is in line with the castle keep, effectively cutting the corner and avoiding the shallow patch.

Alternative anchorages are available for boats with local knowledge that can take the ground. The first of these lies on the beach, inshore of the local moorings and boats, taking care to avoid the rocks in the north west corner of the beach. The second lies in the south west corner close to Emblestone Rocks.

On the top half of the tide it is also possible to enter the anchorage at the south eastern end via a cut between Fills Rock and Embleston Rock. There is no obvious leading line or marks for this cut and local knowledge is therefore essential.


The only option for visitors is to anchor, although some private small craft moorings exist inshore of the anchorage.


Anchor on the second leading line in 3 meters of water. The sea bed is sand and the holding good.

Yacht Repairs and Services


Fuel, Water, & Electricity

There is a tap in the middle of the holiday houses in the dunes.

Things to do Ashore



  • The Ship Inn provides excellent food and beer from their own micro brewery. They do not accept credit cards and if you want an evening meal then you will usually need to book ahead. Address NE66 3EL, Phone 01665 576262, [twitter@shipinnnewton Twitter], Email

Garbage Disposal

There is a bin at the road side.


  • A short walk (less than a mile) to High Newton by the Sea gets you access to the X18 bus service which provides an approximately 2 hourly service in the summer time. The X18 service runs between Newcastle and Berwick-upon-Tweed or Belford X18 Timetable
  • Alnmouth station is on the East Coast Main line with trains to Newcastle, London and Edinburgh. The X18 bus service takes about an hour between Alnmouth station and High Newton by the Sea.
  • Berwick-upon-Tweed station is also on the East Coast Main line and takes around 70 minutes on the X18 bus service.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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