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Sistiana, Italy

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45°46.0′N, 13°37.7′E
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Sistiana harbour from SW
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The natural harbour of Sistiana is situated three miles ESE of the port of Monfalcone and six miles NW of the small harbour of Grignano on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Lying two kilometers by road from the town of Sistiana on the hill above, the harbour has a total of 600 berths for smaller yachts of up to 10 metres in depths of 3.0 - 4.5 metres.


British Admiralty 204, 1471

Italian charts 924, 39

Radio Nets

‘’Also see World Cruiser’s Nets’’

Local Weather

During the summer months the prevailing winds in the Adriatic are light to moderate coastal seabreezes. In spring and autumn, northerly winds are more frequent and can quickly rise to near gale force, especially in the northern Adriatic, where the much-feared “bora” is caused by high pressure over the mountains to the NE coupled with low pressure over southern Italy. Fortunately, the fiercest “bora” is normally to be expected in the winter months. Thunderstorms are occasionally experienced in spring and especially autumn and can be accompanied by violent winds of gale force and above. Luckily they are rarely long-lasting. In the southern Adriatic, the “scirocco”, a S/SE wind blowing up from North Africa which can last for several days, is more common. Unlike the “bora”, which can arrive without warning, a “scirocco” tends to build in strength over 24-48 hours, sometimes reaching gale force (especially in winter).

Sources for weather information:

  • There is a continuous (computerized voice) weather forecast on VHF 68 - first in Italian and then followed with an English translation.
  • The same forecast is given in Italian and English on VHF coastal stations following a notification on channel 16.
  • Navtex weather forecasts covering the Adriatic are broadcast from stations at Roma, Trieste, Kerkyra (Greece) and Split (Croatia).

Approach and Navigation

The conspicuous castle of Duino on a headland around a mile W of the harbour is a good landmark in the approach to Sistiana. The harbour is protected by two breakwater enclosing the half-moon shaped natural bay. Give the ends of the breakwaters a clearance of at least 15 metres on entry. Depths in the harbour range from 2.0 metres inshore to 6.0 metres in the centre. Shelter is good in most conditions, although strong southerlies send in a potentially dangerous swell.

Check-in facilities (for Customs and Immigration)

Inside the harbour yachts berth on a series of ten long pontoons extending out from the quays along the E side of the harbour. The pontoons are managed by four different yacht clubs and a visiting yacht may find a berth here if a member is away. The pontoons have laid moorings tailed to buoys. Otherwise, yachts in transit moor to the quay immediately E of the slipway, where there are some laid moorings tailed to buoys. Depths here are 3.0 - 3.5 metres. Maximum length of yacht accommodated is reported as 10 metres (update needed).

The attractive setting of Sistiana Harbour
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Yacht moorings in Sistiana Harbour
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Offshore Islands and Groups


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Several yacht clubs.


It is possible to anchor with care on the W side of the harbour in depths of 3.0 - 3.5 metres. The holding, however, is poor in sand and anchoring should not be attempted in unsettled weather. However due to information from Coastguard and local Police anchoring within the breakwaters is strictly prohibited!

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Submit addresses and contact details of marine related businesses that are of interest to cruisers.


Slipway. Mobile crane (10 T). Some hard standing.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

No fuel station. Water hose on the quay. No electricity.

Tourism and Things to do Ashore


There is little of tourism interest in Sistiana, although the area itself is quite green and attractive.

Grocery & Supply Stores

There are provisions shops in the town of Sistiana, two kilometres up the hill.


A couple of bar/restaurants by the harbour. More choice in the town.





Motorbike & Car Rentals


Garbage Disposal

Bins around the harbour.


Routes/Passages To/From

Popular passages/routes, timing, etc.

Cruiser’s Friends

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