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Southampton (River Hamble)
Port of Entry
50°51′N, 01°18.5′W Chart icon.png
Hamble winter.jpg
River Hamble in Winter

The river Hamble must have one of the highest density of yachts of anywhere in the world. The few miles from the entrance to the A27 bridge boast 5 large marinas and moorings down the entire length. It is the hub of the UK yachting industry and all marine services are available nearby.

You probably won't come here for a peaceful experience - but for a place to leave the boat and get work done while you explore the country, it's second to none.


2036 - The Solent and Southampton Water


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After finding the Hamble Point southerly Cardinal buoy (Q(6)+LFl.15s) and passing it close to port a generally northerly course is steered leaving the green beacons to starboard and the Easterly Cardinal post followed by red beacons to port. The narrow white section of the sectored light on the shore near Hamble Point (Dir.Oc(2).WRG.12s) shows the way in, and all the posts are lit. Don't be tempted to stray to the north (port side when entering), since the drying, gravel bank is unforgiving. In the region of the green post number seven and the red post number six the channel swings slightly to the NNE, and the beacons and posts continue to show the way. A further sectored light on the shore at Warsash (Dir.Iso.WRG.6s) now shows the way with its narrow white sector.

An long, thin jetty pushing right out into the River on the starboard hand belongs to the Warsash Maritime Centre. Lifeboats and capsules suspended on davits are used for training big ship Mariners, and it is identifiable in darkness too.

The channel is invariably busy in the summer and you need to keep to the starboard side. Using the engine is sensible and seamamlike. Once in the River proper it is relatively simple to follow the gap between the moored boats that mark the edges of the narrow channel.

For strangers although it is possible to enter the River in darkness it is probably not advisable to push any further than Hamble point Marina, for fear having an unexpected and unwelcome encounter with an unlit mooring pile or moored boat.


Southampton is a port of entry/exit to the United Kingdom.

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Yacht use the marinas.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marinas, working up river:

There are a multitude of yacht clubs:

  • Royal Southern Yacht club
  • Warsach Sailing club


No anchoring in the river

Yacht Repairs and Services

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Marine Stores

Chandleries: Force 4 at Port Hamble and Burleson Bridge.


Repairs of all sorts - from dingies to superyachts, can be done on the Hamble. The most well known yards are Hamble Yacht Services

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Water & Electricity at all marinas Fuel at the Port Hamble Fuel Pontoon

Things to do Ashore


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Grocery & Supply Stores

Hamble Village is a short walk from Hamble Point, Port Hamble or Mercury yacht Harbour. A co-op store there will fulfill most of your basic needs.


Most of the marina have an on-site restaurant. Otherwise, walk into Hamble Village.


Available at marinas


Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal



Rail services from Hamble, Swanick or Bursledon


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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