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Timaru, New Zealand (Port of Entry)

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44°23.46′S, 171°15.74′E
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Timaru is an agricultural service port, and the second largest fishing port in New Zealand.

Cruising the region

Bill McIndoe reports: "I do not recommend Timaru for yachts unless you have friends there or local knowledge.".

Perhaps one would be best served continuing to nearby Oamaru or Christchurch / Lyttleton.

Local Weather

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Land Information NZ
NZ6422 Approaches to Timaru: Timaru Harbour

Radio Nets

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Approach and Navigation

The Navionics chart indicates a large and well-dredged man-made harbour but little or no anchorage room.

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Offshore Islands and Groups

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  • Some local yachts appear to be moored fore-and-aft in a limited number of spaces at the southern arm of the anchorage, outside the grain silos, and more just inside the inner breakwater. Shore access appears to be limited.

Yacht Repairs and Services

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

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