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Port of Entry
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The Harbor of Volos

Located at the north of the gulf, Volos is a major regional centre with a population of more than 100,000 people. The city is the marine transport hub for Thessaly, Greece’s largest agricultural region, and a key ferry port for the holiday islands of the Northern Sporades. Cruise ships use the port as a base for visiting the Meteora monasteries and other local attractions.


See Pagasitikos Gulf.


In summer a southerly breeze blows onto Volos nearly every afternoon, unless it is overridden by a strong regional or local airflow (e.g. a passing cold front or thunderstorm). This breeze varies in strength but is typically 10 to 15 knots. The afternoon southerly will blow even when prevailing north-easterlies of 10 to 15 knots are blowing at the south of the gulf and in the adjacent Evia Island channel.

See also Aegean Sea.



See Pagasitikos Gulf.


See Pagasitikos Gulf.


Approached to the Pagasitikos Gulf are straightforward, but inside the gulf there can be rather strong and gusty winds.


The Port Police (Coast Guard)/wiki/Volos#Port_Police_.28Coast_Guard.29World icon.png Port Police (Coast Guard) [[Volos#Port Police (Coast Guard)|Port Police (Coast Guard)]] 39°21.462'N, 022°56.630'E are in the building at the southern end of the ferry quay. The main office is on the first floor entered through the eastern door. It may also be necessary to go to the records office on the ground floor entered through the door on the western side of the building.

Mooring charges: In August 2011 the fee for a non-EU private boat mooring in Volos harbour was calculated as:

Length (m) x days x 0.23 plus 20% plus another 23% (Tax).

So a 13m yacht was charged EUR4.41 per day. It appears that an overnight stay is charged as two days as the boat will be present on two different days of the week.

In addition a departure fee of EUR0.88 was charged. Generally the Port Police will not approach yachts. It is the responsibility of the skipper to approach them

A Hellenic Police/wiki/Volos#Hellenic_PoliceWorld icon.png Hellenic Police [[Volos#Hellenic Police|Hellenic Police]] 39°21.542'N, 022°56.683'E office is located on the ferry quay, near the north-western corner.


There are a number of alternative mooring locations, each with its complications.

  1. Moore stern or bows to the breakwater, or alongside the floating pontoon/wiki/Volos#floating_pontoonBerth icon floating pontoon [[Volos#floating pontoon|floating pontoon]] 39°21.3300′N, 22°56.9297′E in the south-east of the harbour. Issues here include:
    • Avoid mooring stern or bows to the breakwater within 20m of the floating pontoon. Mooring chains and anchors have been laid to secure the pontoon. They extend an unknown distance out either side of the pontoon.
    • This is a favourite place for the residents of Volos – families and groups of friends - to socialize on summer evenings. This makes for a busy, vital atmosphere into the late evening. Often some of the younger groups stay on until much later, with the pontoon being a favourite – and usually very noisy - location. As with any population a small minority can cause problems. Boats have been boarded without permission and on at least one occasion a burning cigarette butt was flicked onto a boat.
    • North-east of the ‘dogleg’ in the breakwater local boats have established ‘their’ spaces. It may be possible to moor here, but it is best to check beforehand (see note below on ‘Unofficial harbourmaster’.
    • The footbridge joining the breakwater to the main quay is difficult to negotiate with heavy loads or for anyone with mobility problems.
    • There is no electricity on the breakwater or pontoon and water can only be obtained at the north-eastern end of the breakwater through arrangement with the ‘owners’ of the spaces (or the unofficial harbourmaster).
    • The breakwater to the south-west of the floating pontoon has mooring rings in place and does not have the problems of claims by local boats or mooring chains. It is further from the town, but is otherwise suitable for mooring.
  2. On the main town quay/wiki/Volos#town_quayBerth icon town quay [[Volos#town quay|town quay]] 39°21.4919′N, 22°56.8700′E moor stern or bows to. Most of this quay is reserved. Access can be arranged through contact with the unofficial harbourmaster.
  3. In the inner fishing boat harbour/wiki/Volos#fishing_boat_harbourBerth icon fishing boat harbour [[Volos#fishing boat harbour|fishing boat harbour]] 39°21.6817′N, 22°56.4871′E moor stern or bows to. Most of this quay is reserved. Access can be arranged through contact with the unofficial harbourmaster.

Unofficial harbourmaster

There is no port official that takes responsibility for coordinating mooring of pleasure boats in the port. An Irish man (with German and English background) has filled this gap in an unofficial capacity. Carlos is contactable on his mobile phone (+30 6973 076 005). In addition to managing a number of the mooring points on the quay he can arrange general boat repairs and maintenance. This was the position in August 2001.


Inside the harbour, in an emergency, it is possible to anchor off in the eastern corner/wiki/Volos#eastern_cornerBerth icon eastern corner [[Volos#eastern corner|eastern corner]] 39°21.3843′N, 22°56.9413′E . Ensure plenty of room is left for boats manoeuvring onto moorings.

Boats have anchored in the south-west corner (about/wiki/Volos#aboutBerth icon about [[Volos#about|about]] 39°20.8948′N, 22°56.0798′E ) and inside the outer breakwater (about/wiki/Volos#aboutBerth icon about [[Volos#about|about]] 39°20.8673′N, 22°56.5015′E ). Ensure depths are suitable and that there is plenty of room left for boats entering and leaving the port.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


There is an association of commercial yacht charter operators that apparently call themselves the Volos Yacht Club but their website is not operational.


See Pagasitikos Gulf.


  • On the main town quay water is available for a charge through units that are operated using smartcards. Enquire with the unofficial harbourmaster
  • Some waterfront restaurants have outdoor taps and in the past have been willing to water cans to be filled from them. Ask before taking any water
Electricity On the main town quay electricity is available for a charge through units that are operated using smartcards. Enquire with the unofficial harbourmaster
Toilets ?
Showers ?
  • A coin-operated, self service Laundromat/wiki/Volos#LaundromatService icon Laundromat [[Volos#Laundromat|Laundromat]] 39°21.6779′N, 22°57.0356′E is 400m back from the centre of the main town quay on Gklavani Street
  • A conventional laundry/wiki/Volos#laundryService icon laundry [[Volos#laundry|laundry]] 39°21.5063′N, 22°57.1178′E is 200m from the breakwater footbridge, continuing to the north-east
  • There are bins around the harbor
  • In Volos there are no liquid waste disposal receptacles for oil, bilge water, etc. If significant quantities are involved the Port Police can arrange for a commercial company to take it. On at least one occasion this in the past there was no charge for this
  • An Elin fuelling jetty is on the south western corner of the fishing boat harbour, on the southern side of the quay
  • BP and Shell fuel stations/wiki/Volos#BP_and_Shell_fuel_stationsFuel icon BP and Shell fuel stations [[Volos#BP and Shell fuel stations|BP and Shell fuel stations]] 39°21.4868′N, 22°57.0061′E are about 100m before the eastern end of Iasonos Street (the first street behind the waterfront street)
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In Volos chandleries can be found:

A chandler/wiki/Volos#A_chandlerChandler icon A chandler [[Volos#A chandler|A chandler]] 39°21.653'N, 022°56.600'E facing and immediately north-west of the Port Authority building

At the west end/wiki/Volos#At_the_west_endChandler icon At the west end [[Volos#At the west end|At the west end]] 39°21.6869′N, 22°56.5630′E of the next street back from the quay (Iasonos)

  • Many motor and motor parts shops/wiki/Volos#Many_motor_and_motor_parts_shopsChandler icon Many motor and motor parts shops [[Volos#Many motor and motor parts shops|Many motor and motor parts shops]] 39°21.8300′N, 22°55.7721′E can be found along Larisis Street, the main road heading out of Volos towards the north-west
  • Hardware stores with a good range of supplies can be found at the western end of the two streets immediately back from the quay (e.g. Ianosos/wiki/Volos#IanososChandler icon Ianosos [[Volos#Ianosos|Ianosos]] 39°21.6970′N, 22°56.5641′E and Dimitriados/wiki/Volos#DimitriadosChandler icon Dimitriados [[Volos#Dimitriados|Dimitriados]] 39°21.7136′N, 22°56.6137′E )
  • Camping gas/wiki/Volos#Camping_gasChandler icon Camping gas [[Volos#Camping gas|Camping gas]] 39°21.7054′N, 22°56.6929′E (e.g. 3kg bottles) can be obtained in a store in the alleyway on the west side of the Galaxy supermarket towards the west end of Dimitriados Street
Repairs In Volos there is Pefkakia Boatyard. Contact Gregory Kartapanis (Tel +30 24210 88612; mob: +30 6945 618 847; email)
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals
  • Several agencies


  • Larger supermarkets:
Galaxy/wiki/Volos#GalaxyProvisions icon Galaxy [[Volos#Galaxy|Galaxy]] 39°21.6902′N, 22°56.6923′E : 200m from the Ferry jetty. Take the road that runs inland from the middle of the Port Authority building
AB/wiki/Volos#ABProvisions icon AB [[Volos#AB|AB]] 39°21.1848′N, 22°57.7358′E : Opposite the hospital, about 1km south-east of the breakwater footbridge
Spar/wiki/Volos#SparProvisions icon Spar [[Volos#Spar|Spar]] 39°21.8112′N, 22°56.3091′E : 250m north of the Fishing boat harbour, behind the municipality precinct
Carrefour/wiki/Volos#CarrefourProvisions icon Carrefour [[Volos#Carrefour|Carrefour]] 39°21.8662′N, 22°56.4017′E (Marinoupolos): 300m north of the fishing boat harbour, along Defteras Noemvriou street
AB/wiki/Volos#ABProvisions icon AB [[Volos#AB|AB]] 39°21.9392′N, 22°56.3747′E : another 150m north of Carrefour on the opposite side of the same street
Lidl/wiki/Volos#LidlProvisions icon Lidl [[Volos#Lidl|Lidl]] 39°22.0252′N, 22°56.0555′E : 800m north-west of the fishing boat harbour. Go west from the fishing boat harbour and after crossing the railway line take the second road to the right. There is also another Carrefour plus a Praktika in this ‘Old City’ shopping centre
  • There are a large number of small fruit and vegetable stores and minimarkets close to the harbour. Two are:
250m north of the breakwater footbridge/wiki/Volos#250m_north_of_the_breakwater_footbridgeProvisions icon 250m north of the breakwater footbridge [[Volos#250m north of the breakwater footbridge|250m north of the breakwater footbridge]] 39°21.5464′N, 22°57.0658′E . Go inland from the footbridge and take the third street on the left to the second intersection
300m east of the ferry jetty/wiki/Volos#300m_east_of_the_ferry_jettyProvisions icon 300m east of the ferry jetty [[Volos#300m east of the ferry jetty|300m east of the ferry jetty]] 39°21.6227′N, 22°56.9204′E . From the Post Office, go inland one block, then left for 70m – opposite the church
  • Fresh fish can be bought from the fish market/wiki/Volos#fish_marketProvisions icon fish market [[Volos#fish market|fish market]] 39°21.6862′N, 22°56.2383′E 200m west of the fishing boat harbour or purchased directly from the fishing boats as they return in the morning. The boats tie up on the quay between the fishing boat harbour and the ferry jetty for direct sales

Some other shops:

Bicycle shop/wiki/Volos#Bicycle_shopWorld icon.png Bicycle shop [[Volos#Bicycle shop|Bicycle shop]] 39°21.6917′N, 22°56.6623′E : Towards the western end of Dimitriados Street (the second street behind the waterfront street)
Bicycle shop/wiki/Volos#Bicycle_shopWorld icon.png Bicycle shop [[Volos#Bicycle shop|Bicycle shop]] 39°21.6917′N, 22°56.6623′E About 200m north-east of the breakwater footbridge, on Polymeri Street, the main road leading out of town to the east
Telephone stores/wiki/Volos#Telephone_storesWorld icon.png Telephone stores [[Volos#Telephone stores|Telephone stores]] 39°21.6509′N, 22°56.7464′E for three of the main suppliers (Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind) are near each other 200m from the Ferry jetty. Take the road that runs inland from the middle of the Port Authority building.
Post Office/wiki/Volos#Post_OfficeWorld icon.png Post Office [[Volos#Post Office|Post Office]] 39°21.5757′N, 22°56.9149′E is on Dimitriados Street. Go two streets inland from the centre of the main town quay

Eating out

  • Many good restaurants


Volos is a transport hub for the region:

  • Ferry: A number of companies operate from the ferry terminal/wiki/Volos#ferry_terminalWorld icon.png ferry terminal [[Volos#ferry terminal|ferry terminal]] 39°21.5601′N, 22°56.6906′E with ferry and hydrofoil to the nearby Northern Sporades Islands, plus connections to Limnos, Lesvos, Chios and Skyros
  • Bus: Regular services to and from Athens plus other destinations. The bus station/wiki/Volos#bus_stationWorld icon.png bus station [[Volos#bus station|bus station]] 39°21.6537′N, 22°55.9819′E is about 600m west from the fishing boat harbour
  • Rail: Regular services to and from Athens plus other destinations. The railway station/wiki/Volos#railway_stationWorld icon.png railway station [[Volos#railway station|railway station]] 39°21.8435′N, 22°56.2283′E is about 300m north-west from the fishing boat harbour
  • Air: Nea Anchialos National Airport/wiki/Volos#Nea_Anchialos_National_AirportWorld icon.png Nea Anchialos National Airport [[Volos#Nea Anchialos National Airport|Nea Anchialos National Airport]] 39°12.9949′N, 22°47.5361′E about 30 km SW of the city, or 45km by road services limited domestic flights and seasonal international flights Nea Anchialos National Airport


See Pagasitikos Gulf.


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See Greece.


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