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Cruiser's Maritime Mobile HF Nets (Times and Frequencies)

Because HF Radio operates over a longer range than VHF Radio it is highly suitable for long range communication between groups of cruising sailors who may be spaced far apart over the oceans.

HF Radio Nets are set up, either on a permanent, semi-permanent, or ad-hoc basis by groups of cruisers, shore stations, and other groups in order to facilitate this communication over a specific geographic area and at regular intervals.

HF Radio Nets for marine use are set up and run by "controllers" all over the world (Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Pacific, etc.) to handle and co-ordinate this traffic from vessels sailing the oceans. It is important for cruising yachts to know these radio net frequencies and times so as to pass message traffic, log positions, receive weather information, etc.

Be aware that HF Radio Nets are often ephemeral and change from year to year. As cruisers and other users drift away from some nets, others will spring up in their place. Any listing of HF Radio Nets therefore needs regular updating to be considered even approximately definitive.

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Cruiser's Maritime Mobile Radio Nets

Maritime Mobile Nets are usually divided into two groups (within geographical regions). These are:

  • Amateur Radio Nets, or Ham Nets which require an amateur radio license and a radio capable of operating on the Ham frequencies. See Ham Radio.
  • Marine Nets, which require only a Marine Radio license, which is easier to obtain, and a radio capable of operating on the Marine frequencies. See SSB Radio.

Amateur Radio Net Listing

All times are UTC (Greenwich = Zulu = UTC) unless otherwise noted. Please listen first to note the procedures of each net.

Some of this has been extracted from the listings in the Marine Electrical & Electronics Bible. Since the list is old the frequencies and services are in the process of being personally checked for accuracy as of mid-June 2011. Cross-checks with internet sources are conflicting and unreliable.

If you are not a licensed operator, invest in a receiver only and listen in to the nets, the information can be invaluable. Alternatively for casual listening you can use an internet streaming ham radio tuner online. What a cool idea!

Times in UTC followed by frequency in MHz and Net Name. Mode used is generally Upper Sideband (USB) above 7.3MHz (30m band up) and Lower Sideband (LSB) below 7.3MHz (40m band down). Personally verified operational networks will be commented and marked in RED. Note that some of these transmissions (e.g. Russell Radio) are on Marine bands and may require a different license.

Net Name and Links HQ Coverage and Notes Frequencies (MHz) Times (Zulu)
MARITIME EMERGENCY NETVariousUniversal14.3400400 and 1800
Happy Hour Net?W.Mexico, Baja3.9680000
Mobile Maritime Net - South East Asian WatersS.E.A MobileJapan to Seychelles - Hong Kong to N & W Australia. (Specifically: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, N Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, The Andamans & Nicobars, Chagos14.323 or maybe 14.2320025 & Wx @ 0055
Gulf Coast Hurricane Net?Gulf Coast3.9250100
Pacific Indian Ocean Net?Pacific & Indian Oceans21.4070100
Travellers Net - Novice Ham LicenseController: Varies. Could be run from SA or WA.Australia-wide outback emergency network, includes marine.21.1850100
Travellers NetVK6BO RoyFull Ham License (Australia-wide outback emergency network, includes marine.)14.1160200
Gerry's Happy Hour?Pacific, Baja21.4020200 (M-Fri)
14.300 - Pacific Seafarers NetVariousPacific14.3000200
14.300MHz - Pacific Seafarer's NetN6HGG RobertPacific informal 'warm-up' session14.3000300
14.300MHz - Pacific Seafarer's NetN6HGG RobertPacific Roll Call. Network was on 14.330kHz today (18 Jun 2011) and audible from Melbourne. Session start announced by VK4DBJ John.14.3000300 to 0325
Okera NetOgasawara Is.
Japan and the Pacific21.4370320
Sandia Net?US W.Coast, Baja7.2940330
DDD Net?Pacific to Canada14.1150400 and/or 1730
Arnold's Net?South Pacific14.3180400
Tony's Net (Red Sea & Indian Ocean)ZL1ATE Tony in New ZealandRed Sea & Indian Ocean14.3030500
Peri-Peri Radio East AfricaVK6BO RoyAfrican Coast8.2970500
Peri-Peri Radio East Africa (after wx)VK6BO RoyAfrican Coast14.3160530
Swedish MM Net??14.3030530, 1630 & 2030
Intnl. MM Net?Atl., Med., Caribb.14.3130630
South African Maritime Mobile NetZS2ABK Graham and ZS1SAM Samuel?14.3160630
Pacific Net?Heard only local ham VK3BR in a QSO with W7BY on 14222kHz (18 & 25 June 2011)14.2200700
International Net?Nothing heard.14.3030700
Mediterranian Maritime Mobile Net?Med. Nothing heard.7.0850700
Mediterranian Maritime Mobile Net?Austria and Spain. Nothing heard.14.3130900
Intercon Net?N.Am., S.Am., Central Am.14.3000700ET to 1200ET
Waterway Radio & Cruising Club??7.2680745 EST
Pacific Inter-Island Net?Micronesia & up to Hawaii - daily roll-call14.3150800
UK Maritime Mobile Net?Nothing heard (UK and Austria)14.3030800 & 1800
Pacific Inter-island Net?Nothing heard (Hong Kong and Australia)14.3150800
Baja California Maritime Mobile NetJack VE3EED/W6Coastal Baja & California7233.50800 (local)
Cruiseheimers NetController: Varies, ad-hoc.Eastern Canada to Caribbean. Frequency is 6.227MHz or 6.516MHz during Spring/Fall season change. Nothing heard (VA and PA)8.1520830
South China Sea Net?South Pacific14.3201000
Robby’s Net?Australia. Nothing heard (Melbourne)14.3151000 or 2300
Caribbean Weather Net?Caribbean Wx. Nothing heard (Atlanta, GA)3.185 or 7.163 or 7.080 or 14.2651030 and/or 2230
Caribbean Maritine Mobile NetSt CroixCaribbean7.237 or 7.241 or 7.230 +10KHz if frequency noisy1100
Carribus Net?US E. Coast, Caribb14.2831100
Roy's NetVK6BO Roy, Perth, AustraliaWx warnings & then covers boats in N & W Indian Ocean. Nothing heard (Melbourne)14.3201115
South Africa Maritime Mobile NetZS2ABK Graham assisted by ZS1SAM Samuel S AfricaIndian Ocean & S Atlantic. Nothing heard (Melbourne)14.316 or 14.320 or 7.1201130
Le Reseau Du Capitaine' NetMontreal, Bi-LingualAtlantic, Caribbean & Pacific. Heard French being spoken (via the GlobalTuners station in Lexington, KY) but don't understand it! Pierre and René were certainly enjoying themselves anyhow, even if they didn't use callsigns. Gotta love that laid back French-Canadian style.14.1181200 & 2330 for Wx
Mañana Maritime Mobile Net?US West coast to Hawaii, Offshoot of Baja Net. Heard very perfunctory weather report, didn't catch the callsign. Dude, it was over in—like—20 seconds! I was totally bummed!!14.3401200 PDT
Barbados Info Net?Caribbean7.1851230
Caribbean Net?Nothing heard (via Kentucky) but local ham nets were swamping the band.7.2371230
Mississauga Maritime NetWynn in Halifax.Europe, Med, Atlantic, Caribbean and Central America with relays. Network was on 14122.75kHz tonight (16 Jun 2011) and audible from Virginia. I picked up the controller and also Noel VA3NBL on Kalinka-1 marine mobile in the Hudson River. He's starting out on an Atlantic Crossing. (18 Jun 2011) Nothing heard from Vancouver or Atlanta.14.121 or 14.1221245
TransAtlantic Maritime Mobile Net8P6QM Trudi in Barbados, assisted by G4FTO Rudi and VE3AGS GeorgeMed, N & S Atlantic and Caribbean. Nothing heard (Lexington, KY)21.4001300
Panama Canal Connection Net??8.1071330
Florida Coast Net??7.2921400
Northwest Caribbean Cruisers Net??08.1881400
Baja California Maritime Net??7.2335 +5kHz at 1600UTC (summer)1500
Chubasco Net?Mexico West coast7.192 or 7.2941530 ST & 1430 DST
Marquesas Net??14.3401545
US Coast Guard Net??14.3311600
Intermar (German) Maritime Mobile NetController: Rostered.Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, Med, (worldwide). Nothing heard (Melbourne)14.3131630
Bejuka Net?Central Am.7.2401700
Cal Hawaii Net?E Pacific14.3401700
Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300KE4AMW Dave assisted by WB3FOX JohnAtlantic, E Pacific & Gulf of Mexico. Operational but a lot of land-based net traffic checking in, so be patient. (26 July 2011)14.3001700 till 0200
Skippers Net??14.3291700
California Hawaii NetController: WA6RZW Ed?14.3401700
South Pacific Cruising Net??7.0761800
South Pacific Net??14.2821800
Hawaii AM Net??7.2851900
Confusion Net?Pacific14.3051900
Partyline Net?Caribbean & Central America14.2602000
Harry's Net?W & S Pacific7.0952000
Herb Hilgenberg's Southbound NetController: Herb in OttawaREGION12.3592000
Italian Amateur Radio Maritime Service??14.297 +10kHz if frequency in use.2000 UTC 1900 during DST.
N Zealand Wx Net?N Zealand7.0802000
Swedish Maritime Net??14.3032030
Comedy Net?Oz - Southwest Pacific. Position reports, Wx, local inter-yacht traffic7.0872040
Pacific Maritime Mobile Service Net?Pacific & worldwide21.4122100
Tony's NetPositions from S Pacific & Oz region, Wx14.3152100
Micky Mouse Connection?S Atlantic & S Pacific14.1132100
East Coast Waterways Net??14.2902130
Seagull NetHokkaido Is.Japan and Pacific21.3822200
South Atlantic Roundtable?South Atlantic21.3252330
Puerto Rico Wx Net?Puerto Rico & Virgins3.0302310 & 1110
SE Asia Maritime Mobile Net??14.3202400
Panama Canal Connection Net?Pacific - Mexico to Galapagos, Atlantic from Belize - Colombia??

Marine Nets

All times are UTC (Greenwich = Zulu = UTC) unless otherwise noted Please listen first to note the procedures of each net.

Net Name and Notes HQ Coverage and Notes Frequencies (MHz) Times (Zulu)
Radio Peri-Peri (now run by Roy)East AfricaIndian Ocean & S Atlantic8.101 @ 0500 (Wx) & then 12.353hz after Wx1500 (both freqs)
Far North RadioNZNZ Local waters. I could hear this clearly from S. Pacific waters but could not make myself heard (May 2014).6.516 then 4.4170500 then 0600
Russell Radio (SSB)N ZSouth Pacific to Easter Island, Australia, N Zealand. Note I understand that Russell Radio no longer does HF but only VHF for local boats.6.516
0600 - 0630
0630 - 0700
0700 - 0730
NW Caribbean Net?NW Caribbean6.2090800 local
Coconut Telegraph?Eastern Caribbean, from south of Bahamas to Trinidad, VZ, and ABCs4060 USB0800 AST
Cruiseheimer's Net?US East coast & E Caribbean8.152 (Summer)
6.227 (Winter)
0830 EST
East Caribb Net?East Caribb (uncontrolled)6.2151000 till 1200
Mediterranean Cruisers' Net
Maiko (Jacques) can follow-up on weather and help with phone calls
SiciliaCentral Med.T-2': 22.174
T: 18.834
T+2': 16.543
T+5': 12.356
T+7': 8.297
T+10': 6.231
T+12': 4.042
1200 UTC & 1600 Summer
1200 & 1700 Winter
Mistene?Caribbean Wx4.0031215
Mistene?Caribbean Wx8.1041230
Patagonian Cruisers' NetVillarica, ChileChile, Sthn Argentina,Falklands/Malvinas, S. Georgia,Antarctic Peninsula8.164 USB1300 (Winter) 1200 (Summer) eg. 0900 Chilean Time
NW Caribbean Cruiser's Net?Mexico to San Andres Island, Colombia8.1881400
Coconut Breakfast Net (East)?French Polynesia.8.1881730
Coconut Breakfast Net (West)?West of French Polynesia I occasionally hear someone on this net, but rarely.12.3531830
Isabella Net?SW Pacific Seems quite active as of August 20148.1731800
Bye Bye Bora Bora?SW Pacific I think this is an ad-hoc net, nothing heard as of August 20148.1221900
Rag of the AirFijiSW Pacific Active as of August 20148.1731900
Gulf Harbour RadioZMH286SW Pacific, roll call and weather updates.8.116 or 8.7521915
Weather Check-in?Caribb., Atlantic & Ease Pacific12.3591920
Vanuatu NetVanuatuPacific8.2302030
Namba NetVanuatuPacific8.1012115
Sheila Net?Covers NE Coast of Australia, New Guinea, Louisiade Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Noumea. Emergencies, position reports, general information and traffic contacts.8.1612200
Herb Hilgenberg's Southbound ll Net?Wx for Atlantic & Caribbean - into Pacific later. Note: Herb 'retired' on June 1 2013 and is no longer broadcasting12.359 (SSB)2000 check-in 1930

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