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For more details click on the map, for wiki pages click on the links below:

North and Central PacificSouth PacificNorth AtlanticSouth AtlanticIndian OceanMediterraneanBlack SeaNorth SeaThe BalticPersian GulfRed SeaGulf of AdenAfricaSouth AmericaAustralasiaSouth East AsiaCentral AmericaCaribbeanCanadaUnited StatesUnited States, Alaska
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Oceans Bodies of Water Continents Countries
North and Central PacificNorth and Central Pacific/wiki/Central_Pacific
South PacificSouth Pacific/wiki/South_Pacific
North AtlanticNorth Atlantic/wiki/North_Atlantic
South AtlanticSouth Atlantic/wiki/South_Atlantic
Indian OceanIndian Ocean/wiki/Indian_Ocean
Mediterranean Mediterranean/wiki/Mediterranean
Black SeaBlack Sea/wiki/Black_Sea
North SeaNorth Sea/wiki/North_Sea
The BalticThe Baltic/wiki/Baltic
Persian GulfPersian Gulf/wiki/Persian_Gulf
Red SeaRed Sea/wiki/Red_Sea
Gulf of AdenGulf of Aden/wiki/Gulf_of_Aden
Africa Africa/wiki/Africa
South AmericaSouth America/wiki/South_America
South East AsiaSouth East Asia/wiki/South_East_Asia
Central AmericaCentral America/wiki/Central_America
Red SeaRed Sea/wiki/Red_Sea
Gulf of AdenGulf of Aden/wiki/Gulf_of_Aden
Caribbean Caribbean/wiki/Caribbean
Canada Canada/wiki/Canada
United States United States/wiki/United_States
Alaska (US)Alaska (US)/wiki/Alaska

See also: List of Countries (A to Z).

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