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Aci Τrezza
37°33.705'N, 015°09.821'E Chart icon.png
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Acitrezza harbour (the pontoons are not in place)

The town and harbour of Acitrezza lie six miles south of Stazzo and the same distance north of Catania on the east coast of Sicily. The town is famous for its series of huge black basalt rocks, the Ciclopi, which lie barely 200 metres off the harbour entrance. The southern part of the harbour has yacht berths on four floating pontoons, which are, as is common in Italy, run by separate private enterprises. Shelter in Acitrezza is good in most conditions, although strong NE winds send in an uncomfortable swell.


1941 - Capo Passero to Capo Colonne; chart 1018 - Approach to Stretto Messina


Prevailing winds in the Straits during the summer are from N or NW. Southerly winds are more common in the spring and winter. In unsettled weather, the Straits can be subject to very strong gusts off the land which, combined with the strong currents, can make passage dangerous for smaller yachts. Currents at Riposto are weaker than in the Straits, although gusts will still be experienced off the high land in NW winds.

Sources for weather forecasts:

  • There is a continuous (computerized voice) weather forecast on VHF 68 - first in Italian and then followed with an English translation.
  • The same forecast is given in Italian and English on VHF coastal stations following a notification on channel 16
  • Navtex weather forecasts are broadcast from stations at Roma, Cagliari (Sardinia) and Augusta (Sicily)


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages.




Add here VHF channel for coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Basalt rocks of Acitrezza

Approach to the harbour is from the north, leaving the yellow buoys marking the nature reserve around the Ciclopi to port. The additional rocky outcrops 200 metres SW of the Ciclopi have dangerous rocky shallows extending NE and should be given a good clearance if approaching from S. The largest of the Ciclopi has a red tower on top, which is conspicuous from N. Depths in the harbour entrance are 6.0 meters.


The northern part of the harbour is shallow. Yachts berth on the four private pontoons in the southern part, where depths are 3.0 - 4.0 metres. Around 200 vessels can be accommodated (15 berths are reserved for yachts in transit). Maximum length 18.0 metres. Water on the pontoons (eight outlets). Slipway. Mobile crane.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Capo Molini

Capo Molini/wiki/Aci_Trezza#Capo_Molini
Anchorage icon Capo Molini [[Aci Trezza#Capo Molini|Capo Molini]] 37°34.421'N, 015°10.300'E
Anchor in the cove inside the headland in 6.0 - 8.0 metres (in prevailing NE winds). Holding is good on sand and rock.


Water Water on the pontoons
Electricity N/A (Not Available).
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins near the pontoons
Fuel Fuel by tanker from local garages
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs Some engine and electrical repairs
Internet WiFi
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Several provisions shops in the town.

Eating out

Good fish restaurants around the harbour.


Buses to Catania.



According to local mythology, the stones are the ones thrown by the giant Polyphemus at Odysseus and his crew as they fled the island in Homer’s epic poem ‘The Odyssey’.

Places to Visit

The village is popular with Italian holidaymakers and the waterfront buzzes with life during July and August. Acitrezza and its small harbour, crammed with gaily painted fishing boats, served as a film set for Lucchino Visconti’s film La Terra Trema, based on the novel by Giovanni Verga.


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