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Port of Entry
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Warning: The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Yemen because of the high security threat level in Yemen posed by the ongoing conflict and terrorist activities. (Updated 17 Mar 2016)

The background and history of the Port of Aden is best observed on Wikipedia


See Yemen.


See Yemen.


See Yemen.


See Yemen.


The Aden and Little Aden peninsulas are very prominent, with the harbour between them. Approaching from the W, pass 1 nm south of Little Aden Peninsula and then to the entrance to the dredged channel at 12° 44.5’ N, 044° 57’ E marked by the No. 1 buoys (QR and QG). At night, with Elephant’s Back light (red and white sectored) on a bearing of not greater than 061° (white sector) a vessel will clear the Little Aden Peninsula on a course to bring her close to the port entrance.

Approaching from the E, pass 1 nm south of the Aden Peninsula and then to the channel entrance. At night, pass 1.5 nm S of Ra’s Marshaq light and then steer W to the entrance to the channel. From the No. 1 buoys, the two harbours are approached by a dredged channel 16.0 m in depth, width 220 m. From the bifurcation point, the channel to Little Aden oil harbour has a depth of 14.7 m, width 220 m, length 2.3 nm, marked by pairs of buoys. Vessels should proceed mid-way between these buoys, and immediately after passing No. 2 buoys, turn to head 300° on the leading marks for the centre of the channel to pass north of the oil harbour breakwater.

Aden inner harbour is approached by the same dredged channel, which divides at Buoy No. 3 (S Cardinal), 9 cables north of the channel entrance. From this point, the inner harbour channel has a depth of 15.0 m, width 185 m and is 2.6 nm to the inner harbour breakwater. Vessels proceed on a course of 027° to pass between No. 2 Buoys, then on a heading of 047° between the channel buoys to clear the inner harbour breakwater. The 15.0 m deep dredged channel in the inner harbour is 220 m wide and leads, on a heading of 068°, to the 700 m diameter turning area off the ACT.

A yacht anchorage is available in the inner harbour between the Prince of Wales/Abkhari Pier and the dolphin oil berth north of this. Large yachts may anchor in the anchorage south of the western end of the rubble mound.


Aden is a port of entry for Yemen. For details see Entrance: Yemen.


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See Yemen.


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