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Port of Entry
39°32.51′N, 2°22.77′E Chart icon.png
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See Majorca.


See Spain.

Note: The geography surrounding the Port of Andraitx causes significant storms, particularly in winter, which have historically caused a great deal of damage.


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages.


  • Dragonera lies just a couple of miles west of Andraitx. The island has nothing on it but persons occasionally dinghy over and hike on it.


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


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Andraitx is a port of entry to Spain.

See also Spain: Entrance Procedures.


The extensive marina on the left/west side of the harbour when entering is the Club de Vela. They also control all of the mooring balls now in the harbour. Anchoring is prohibited except far out at the mouth of the harbour. Moorings at the Club de Vela are med style with a bow line provided. Moorings at the town quay, located across from the Club de Vela & on the east side near many restaurants, are med style where you must drop your anchor and back down on the quay.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Club de Vela Puerto Andraitx is a full-service marina. It offers everything a cruiser requires for a comfortable stay, albeit at a price. It has a good lavenderia (laundry service), lovely pool, and very good showers. There is a fine restaurant, a cafe, and a small workman's bar.


Sadly, Andraitx has little left for safe anchorage. Previously anchoring was possible in the entrance outside of the channel and inner harbour. The Club de Vela has been granted authority to lay mooring balls in this area on both the east & west sides of the channel & anchoring is now prohibited here. Charges apply for these buoys. Some services to the buoys are provided, including mooring assistance, trash removal & a water taxi service. The inner basin is home to a large fleet of fishing boats which come & go twice daily. Due to these fishing boats, anchoring in the inner basin is permitted only in the case of emergency.

Yacht Repairs and Services

The Club de Vela offers most services for even large yachts. They have a large travel lift and a working hard.

Marine Stores

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Give details on fuelA fuel quay operated by the Club de Vela is located on the left/West side in the inner basin.
Water Available on a Club de Vela berth.
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ElectricityAvailable on a Club de Vela berth.
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Things to do Ashore


Puerto d'Andraitx is an attractive village and tourist destination. There are many pleasant shops and restaurants.

During the off-peak season, dolphins are sometimes spotted near the entrance of the harbour.

Grocery & Supply Stores

  • Provisioning is easy from the Club
  • A large Euroski supermarket is located at the deepest part of the harbour on the east side. This is a 10-minute dinghy ride from the Club, or a 25 minute walk
  • A large aProp supermarket is located up the hill from the Brismar Hotel located on the water street on the east side of the harbour
  • A ferrateria (hardware store) is located in the town and gas bottle exchanges may be obtained there


  • Restaurants are numerous and excellent in the town on the east side of the harbour
  • The restaurant in the Club de Vela is excellent, as is the seafood restaurant just outside the front door of the club, 30 meters to the left, with fine views of the harbour


Available?WiFi is available in the Club de Vela clubhouse & is provided to visiting yachts. Reportedly the wifi is very weak on various quays.


  • A good lavenderia is located at the Club

Motorbike & Car Rentals

  • Various car rentals are available in the town

Garbage Disposal

Available on a Club de Vela berth or mooring ball.


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References & Publications

See Balearics.


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