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Apalachicola is a small Florida town, known in modern times for its oyster industry. It used to be one of Florida's largest ports in the 1800s, due to cotton shipping. It's along the western bank of the Apalachicola River, which is fed by the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers in Georgia and Alabama. It has good anchorage, affordable accommodations, and friendly people, more the kind you'd meet in the rural south than in the more developed areas of Florida. Repair facilities are very limited since Deep Water Marina, the previous owner of the only large travel lift in the town, was redeveloped into a hotel. Much of Apalachicola closes down on the weekends, and business hours tend to be short and somewhat variable.


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The Apalachicola River is not navigable beyond the area dredged for the ICW. The only ways people get into or out of Apalachicola are via the ICW to the west, and via Apalachicola Bay.


  • St. George's Island is a coastal barrier island with beach cottages, and a state park with camping facilities.
  • Little St. George was created when the ACOE cut a hole in the island (Sikes Cut) to provide more reliable ocean access for fishing vessels based in Apalachicola. Little St. George is a state park with no access to land except by boat. There's only one house on the island, which is there for park rangers. You can dingy in during the day but aren't supposed to stay after dark. There's an old lighthouse on Cape St. George that's fun to hike to from anchorage in the bay, but stick to the beach. Inland is pretty inhospitable.
  • St. Vincent's Island is an uninhabited wildlife refuge, with some interesting hiking possibilities. When sailing to St. Vincents Island, look out for St. Vincent's Bar on your chart - it's a narrow sandy shoal that sticks way out into the bay, with the only gap around it being at its southern tip, near Little St. George.


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Apalachicola Bay is wide, runs approximately east-west, but is very shallow in parts, so pay special attention to your chart. Getting into and out of Apalachicola from the bay almost invariably requires motoring, because there's a good half hour's worth of dredged channel you have to motor down, with depths of only a few feet on either side. Watch your depths, and your markers. Very few sailors who home in Apalachicola haven't run aground from time to time.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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  • Scipio Creek Marina (monitors 16)
  • Water Street Hotel and Marina (has transient slips)
  • Apalachicola Marina (formerly known as Miller Marine)


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  • There's a very protected anchorage spot just north of the US 98 bridge, east of the intercoastal waterway, dinghy distance from the Apalachicola riverfront.
  • You can anchor really just about anywhere in Apalachicola Bay, but very little of it is well protected, especially from a north easterly or south westerly blow. Your best bet for anchoring in the bay is to pay attention to the weather and anchor leeward of a barrier island. Also, the whole bay is tidal, so dropping a second hook is a good idea, and pay attention to dragging. Bottoms are pretty uniformly mud, with some oysters.
  • If you can make it as far as Dog Island (offshore of Carabbelle to the East) then Shipping Cove offers some of the best anchorage in the area, with 20 foot depths swimming distance from shore, and a view of the gulf over very low dunes.

Yacht Repairs and Services

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Marine Stores

  • Fuel, charts, and some limited spare parts are at Miller Marine along the downtown river front, but call ahead or hail them on 16 to make sure they're open first.
  • Scipio Creek Marina has a pretty extensive marine store. They also monitor 16.


Fuel, Water, & Electricity

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Things to do Ashore


Boss Oyster is one of the essential places to eat at across the entire Forgotten Coast. Quite possibly the best oyster bar in the entire country. Very homey, open air, looks out over the river. There are some private slips for fishing boats in front of it, but nowhere for transients to tie up. You could probably dinghy in pretty easily though, or just go ashore and walk.

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