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WorldCentral PacificGuamApra Harbour
Apra Harbour
Port of Entry
13°26.99′N, 144°39.08′E Chart icon.png
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Apra Harbor, Guam.

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Before entering the Harbour, contact PORT CONTROL on VHF 13 for instructions to proceed. Visiting yachts are usually directed to proceed to the Marianas Yacht Club (MYC). Crews are usually allowed to go ashore to await clearance.

It is not recommended to enter the anchorage after dark. Yachts should take extreme care not to encroach into the U.S. Naval Harbour which is also located within Apra Harbor. There will normally be a U.S. Coast Guard vessel outside the entrance of Apra Harbor. The Coast Guard may contact you or even board your vessel, particularly if you appear to be approaching too close to the U.S. Navy facilities or vessels. There are also several small patrol boats inside of the harbor which may also approach you, and have been known to assist yachts to the Marianas Yacht Club anchorage.

MYC can usually be contacted on Channel 79 Alpha. There are no docks, access from yacht to shore is by dinghy only. If at all possible, someone will meet you outside of the anchorage to escort you in.

If you plan to arrive on a Sunday, you will be required to pay overtime for Customs and Immigration services.


Visiting yachts are required to clear Guam customs and immigration at Apra Harbour. Note that Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States subject to U.S. Federal Customs and Immigration.

For entrance details see United States.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Marianas Yacht Club (MYC) - P.O. Box 2297, Hagatna, Guam 96932, Tel: 671-477-3533 – Email, Website. The MYC is OK for weather up to 35kn then it would be prudent to move to the harbor of refuge or put out some anchors. The only drawback to MYC’s location is its isolation from both public transport and shopping facilities. We overcame this by renting a wreck through CarsUnlimited (671-565-7621). They charge $25 per day but if you rent for a week the 7th day is free


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