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Aveiro from S (Sao Jacinto right of centre)

Aveiro is a city and industrial port situated on the W coast of Portugal at the mouth of an extensive ria of the same name, 30 miles S of Porto and 34 miles N of Figueira da Foz. The industrial part of the ria is tidal, shallow in parts and unsuitable for yachts. However, there is a useful anchorage in the northern part of the ria at the small settlement of Sao Jacinto. Entry to Aveiro should never be attempted with any swell running and preferably close to high water. In strong onshore winds the harbour is closed and entry is highly dangerous.


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The channel up to Aveiro is entered from SW at Channel entrance/wiki/Aveiro#Channel_entranceWorld icon.png Channel entrance [[Aveiro#Channel entrance|Channel entrance]] 37°07.080'N, 008°37.140'W via a 250-metre wide gap through two training walls. There are light structures at the ends of both walls, painted with green and white and red and white bands respectively. On the beach behind the entrance is a conspicuous lighthouse with red and white painted bands, which is visible from several miles offshore. Any significant swell renders entry potentially dangerous and Aveiro should be passed by with anything more than 1.5 - 2.0 metres of swell in the forecast and especially if the tides are not favourable.

Half a mile E of the entrance, the channel divides into a narrow channel to starboard, which leads to the settlement of Laguinho and is not navigable by yachts, and a wider channel to port, which turns NE and leads to the harbour of Sao Jacinto. Depths in the centre of the channel are 5.0 - 6.0 metres at high water as far as Sao Jacinto.


Aveiro is an industrial port.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



The anchorage at Sao Jacinto looking S from the root of the N breakwater

The best anchorage for a visiting yacht is in the large, enclosed harbour of Sao Jacinto/wiki/Aveiro#Sao_JacintoAnchorage icon Sao Jacinto [[Aveiro#Sao Jacinto|Sao Jacinto]] 40°39.315'N, 008°44.051'W about a mile NE of the entrance to the Ria Aveiro. Depths in the entrance to the harbour are 6.0 metres. Pass between the two long training walls, leave the green market buoy to starboard and make for the NE end of the harbour, where the best shelter is to be found. Anchor wherever you can find space in 4.0 - 5.0 metres. The holding is good in mud and sand. Shelter is good in all but strong SW winds, which kick up a chop in the harbour in view of the long fetch (and which would in any case make entry to Aveiro impossible).

With a shallow draft yacht or a catamaran, it is possible to continue beyond Sao Jacinto and explore the higher reaches of the ria, which are very peaceful and full of bird life at certain times of year.




Small provisions shops in Sao Jacinto. Better shopping in Aveiro.

Eating out

Several restaurants and bars on the waterfront and in the village.


Transportation (local and/or international)

  • Ferries to Aveiro from the jetty at the waterfront



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Places to Visit

Aveiro old town waterfront'

The settlement of Sao Jacinto is not especially attractive, being of fairly recent construction, but it is possible to take a ferry from the waterfront to the city of Aveiro, where the walks along the canals are delightful. There are also several impressively ornamented churches in Aveiro which are worth seeking out.


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