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Balearic Islands
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The Balearic Islands comprise of three major islands, Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, plus a number of smaller islets including Cabrera, Dragonera, S'Espalmador. They lie in the Balearic Sea off the coast of Spain between France and the coast of North Africa.


BA 1780 Barcelona to Napoli including Islas Baleares and Sardegna

1703 Mallorca and Menorca
1702 Ibiza, Formentera and southern Mallorca
1700 Cartagena to Cabo de San Antonio including Isla Formentera

NIMA 52140 Islas Baleares

52143 Mahon and Approaches
52142 Ibiza and Approaches


See Spain.


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages.


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


There are 4 major islands in this group:

  • Majorca Majorca /wiki/Majorca Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage | (aka Mallorca)
  • Minorca Minorca /wiki/Minorca Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage | (aka Menorca )
  • Ibiza Ibiza /wiki/Ibiza Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage | (aka Eivissa)
  • Formentera Formentera /wiki/Formentera Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


The islands are very popular destination among the cruisers, so in season the ports and the marinas there are full despite of notoriously high there.

Some berths on the islands could be booked in advance via PortsIB (Ports de les Illes Balears) service.


Some parts of the islands' coast is considered as important Posidonia oceania fields. These locations are declared as protected zones and the anchorages there are regulated.

In season anchoring is possible there at the designated buoy fields and the places are to be booked in advance either at the special web site or via Android application (see CBBAsea).

Things to do Ashore

See individual islands.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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