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Port of Entry
17°17.540'N, 062°43.430'W Chart icon.png
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The peninsula on the south-east tip of St. Kitts. The island on the left is Nevis

Basseterre is the port of entry to St Kitts and Nevis. What is really remarkable on St-Kitts (and Nevis) is the natural aspect. Many tropical birds which one rarely finds elsewhere are present in great concentration in the nature and there are also the famous monkeys which, it is said, were introduced by the pirates. An all-new road permits going to the southeast end of St-Kitts (Turtle Beach) where one feels that a certain febrility in the air will make of this part of the island an appreciated place. Indeed, one has only to take a little adventure in the underwoods with some fruit in hand to see oneself quite soon surrounded by monkeys coming gently to meet one to get fed.


See St Kitts - Nevis.


See St Kitts - Nevis.


See St Kitts - Nevis.


See St Kitts - Nevis.


Basseterre is a port of entry/exit for St Kitts - Nevis Islands. For details see Entrance: St Kitts - Nevis Islands.

Customs and Immigration are at the deepwater port.

Health & Security

The crime rate against yachts is very low to non-existent, but lock boat and dinghy as a precaution when ashore.


Yacht go to the marina.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Basseterre Bay

Basseterre Bay/wiki/Basseterre#Basseterre_Bay
Anchorage icon Basseterre Bay [[Basseterre#Basseterre Bay|Basseterre Bay]] 17°17.435'N, 062°43.697'W
Convenient access to taxis, duty-free and other shops, Super Food grocery across from the ferry dock.

Southeast Peninsula

Southeast Peninsula/wiki/Basseterre#Southeast_Peninsula
Anchorage icon Southeast Peninsula [[Basseterre#Southeast Peninsula|Southeast Peninsula]] 17°13.298'N, 062°38.271'W
Remote and isolated, a pleasant area to anchor, often by yourself. Bays (from NW to SE) include White House, Batten, and Shitten on the southern side, and Majors and Banana in the Narrows opposite Nevis. Banana Bay has a small restaurant/beach bar.


Water In Port Zante Marina
Electricity In Port Zante Marina
Toilets In Port Zante Marina
Showers In Port Zante Marina
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins in Port Zante Marina
Fuel Fuel dock in Port Zante Marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None.
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet WiFi in Port Zante Marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Provisions all within walking distance from Port Zante Marina.

Eating out

Restaurants within walking distance from Port Zante Marina.


See St Kitts.



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Places to Visit

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See StKitts Nevis.


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