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Bay of Bayona

Bayona (in Galician Baiona) is a historic town in NW Spain, immediately south of the Ria de Vigo, blessed with a well-sheltered natural harbour as well as a yacht club and marina. It is the most southerly of the Galician harbours and, if heading south, the last proper harbour before the Portuguese border. Founded as long ago as 140BC, the town was granted a royal charter by King Alfonso IX of Leon in 1201 and in 1370 briefly became the seat of King Ferdinand I of Portugal until returning to Spanish hands in 1372. Perhaps the town's most famous claim to fame was the arrival here on 1 March 1493 of the Pinta, the fastest of Christopher Columbus's three ships on his epic voyage of discovery and therefore the first to bring the news of the discovery of America. A replica of the vessel is now permanently moored in the harbour. Bayona has been for many years a popular staging post for yachtsmen crossing the Atlantic or cruising along the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal. The Monte Real Club Nautico de Baiona has traditionally offered visiting yachts a berth on its marina-style pontoons or buoys and since 2003 the new Puerto Deportivo de Baiona offers a further 370 marina-style moorings. For those sailing on a budget or simply 'wanting to be alone' there is ample space to anchor in the bay. To the north at the entrance to the Ria de Vigo are the wonderful and unspoilt Islas Cies, the like of which few cruising yachtsmen will encounter again until arriving in the Caribbean or the Aegean.


British Admiralty
3633 - Islas Sisargas to Rio Mino
1730 - (approaches only)
C48 - A Coruna to Porto


Shelter in the bay of Bayona is excellent in virtually all conditions. Even NE winds, with a fetch of nearly two miles across the bay, do not seem to pose any major threat.

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  • Islas Cies (five miles NNW - several anchorages but permit now needed Islas Cies)
  • Islas Las Estelas (two miles N - no anchorages)


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Straightforward, but there are offshore rocky islets to be avoided both to the west and north. If arriving from the north, there is a useful passage inside the small rocky islets of Islas Las Estelas north of Bayona which has depths of 4.0 - 5.0 metres. It saves up to an hour, but should not be used if there is a big swell running. As you approach Bayona bay, the fortress of Monte Real on the headland protecting it from the west is conspicuous.


Visiting yachts have four main options in Bayona:

  1. to berth on the pontoons of the Monte Real Club de Yates;
  2. to pick up one of the 20 moorings of the same Club (which are priced the same as the pontoon berths);
  3. to berth in the expensive Puerto Deportivo de Baiona, or
  4. to anchor in the bay of Bayona, clear of the MRCY moorings and the fairway.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The Monte Real Club de Yates

The Monte Real Club de Yates/wiki/Bayona#The_Monte_Real_Club_de_Yates
Marina icon The Monte Real Club de Yates [[Bayona#The Monte Real Club de Yates|The Monte Real Club de Yates]] 42°7.37′N, 08°50.73′W
Monte Real Club has three long piers with a total of 250 berths on finger pontoons, of which 40 are supposedly designated for visitors. Yachts of up to 50 metres and draft of up to 12 metres can be accommodated. Toilets and showers. Restaurant. WiFi. Travel lift (18T) and crane (1.0T). Very small hard standing (300 square metres). Additional moorings are available on 20 buoys north and east of the pontoons. Note: the charge is the same for both the pontoon berths and the buoys. Call Monte Real Club de Yates on VHF channel 09. Telephone: +34 986 385107 (club office hours 0900 - 1400 and 1600-1900). Email. Website. Chartlet.

The Puerto Deportivo de Baiona

The Puerto Deportivo de Baiona/wiki/Bayona#The_Puerto_Deportivo_de_Baiona
Marina icon The Puerto Deportivo de Baiona [[Bayona#The Puerto Deportivo de Baiona|The Puerto Deportivo de Baiona]] 42°7.17′N, 08°50.55′W
Puerto Deportivo offers 297 berths on seven pontoons, of which 14 are designated for visitors (assuming an average length of 14 metres). The visitors' berths are alongside the long reception pier linking the seven pontoons. Maximum length accommodated is 18 metres and maximum draft 5.5 metres. Water and electricity at all berths. Toilets and showers. WiFi. Travel lift (45T) and crane (5T). Fuel berth. Small hard standing (1600 square metres). Slipway. Call Puerto Deportivo de Baiona on VHF channel 09. Telephone: +34 986 385107. Email. Website. Chartlet.


  • There is a small anchorage in 8.0 - 10.0 metres just east of the yacht club buoys. Be sure to leave the fairway to the fishing boat jetty clear or you will learn some Spanish swearwords!
  • It is also possible to anchor off the beach of Playa de Ladeira about a mile to the east, although the shelter is less good here and the anchorage would probably become untenable in strong northerlies.
  • The Islas Cies five miles north of Bayona have several wonderful anchorages off dazzlingly white beaches. Sadly, however, access is now strictly controlled and a permit is needed (you will be heavily fined if you don't get one). For details, visit: Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, also Atlantic Islands of Galicia (currently in Spanish only). The easiest way is to visit is to ask the yacht club to organise a permit for you (details needed here of current charges).

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Submit addresses and contact details of marine related businesses that are of interest to cruisers.


Most repairs can be organised through the yacht club. Also hull cleaning and painting, joinery and a diver.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Fuel pontoons at yacht club and marina are both open from 0800 to 2200. Marina pontoon has minimum depth at low water of 2.5 metres. Water and electricity at all berths at both club and marina.

Things to do Ashore


The old town of Bayona has great atmosphere and the mediaeval street plan is a delight to explore. The replica of the Pinta moored in the harbour can also be visited. There is a good walk up to the Vierxe da Rocha, a huge statue of the Virgin on a rocky promontory above the town. The park surrounding the statue has lots of shade under the pine trees and is an excellent place for a picnic. If you are lucky enough to be here on the last Sunday in August, there is a huge festival, with fireworks, traditional dancing, Galician pipe bands and an outdoor barbecue charcoal grilling sardines for the faithful.

Grocery & Supply Stores

Supermarkets, bakeries and provisions shops in the old town. The bread here is some of the best to be found in Spain.


Several good 'rustic-style' bodegas up the hill in the old town.


WiFi (free) at yacht clubs and at marinas.


Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal

Bins at the yacht club and in the marina. Also on the fishermen's jetty if you are at anchor.


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Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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References & Publications

See Spain.


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