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Blasket Islands
52°05.429'N, 010°34.728'W Chart icon.png
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Map of Blasket Islands


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Blasket Sound - from Slea Head © 2002-2009 Mark Horrell

In a storm the Blasket Sound can be an awesome place, several vessels from the Spanish Armada were wrecked nearby, however if the weather is fair and the tide is right you just need careful pilotage to pass through safely.

Another great shot of the sound awaiting © permission to download

Islands in the Group

Great Blasket

Great Blasket looking over Beginish to mainland

Great Blasket Island is the largest of a remote group of rugged and isolated islands off the coast of mainland County Kerry. It is famous as the home of a group of writers, who produced some classic pieces of literature in the 1920s and 1930s, written in the Irish language and expressive of a distinctly Irish outlook on life.

Perhaps the most famous was Tomas O’Crimhthain, author of An Oilcanach, or The Islandman, a story depicting the extremely difficult life of the island people. O’Crimhthain and the other writers learned to speak and write in the original Irish languages, and their aim was to preserve the numerous oral folk tales of the region in writing. They elevated language to a higher art form that transcendded the poverty and difficulties experienced while living on Great Blasket.

At its most highly populated, Great Blasket Island was occupied by about 150-200 people. Young people emigrated at a consistent rate over the years, and there were only 22 people living on the island when it was finally abandoned in 1953.

Today, visitors reach the island by ferry. It is considered the westernmost point of the continent of Europe, and scientists believe that at one point in time, millions of years ago, the island was actually attached to the mainland.

Smaller Islands

  • Begins
  • Inishnabro
  • Inishvickillane
  • Inishtooskert
  • Tearagh


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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  • [[Marina2]]


TraBan - Great Blasket

Great Blasket

TraBan (White/Silver beach)

East beach on Great Blasket provides some shelter from West and South West.


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