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Port of Entry
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Bozava harbour from E
Seasonal Port of Entry

The village and harbour of Božava are situated on the NE coast of the island of Dugi Otok ten miles W of the mainland coast of Croatia and facing the island of Sestrunj.

The surroundings of the village are leafy and attractive and Božava is consequently a popular port of call for yachts cruising the area and sustains a fair amount of local tourism at its two sizeable hotels. Shelter in the harbour is good in all conditions except strong SE winds.


British Admiralty
Croatian charts
M25 (Otok Rab to Sibenik)


Diurnal winds among the islands are mostly moderate during the summer months, predominantly from NW and rarely exceeding force 4/5, although gusting is common in narrow channels between islands and on the lee side of headlands. At night, katabatic winds off the mountains affect some of the islands close to the mainland coast. During early spring and (especially) autumn conditions can be more unsettled, occasionally accompanied by violent thunderstorms - luckily of short duration - with winds of 30-35 knots or more and vicious, steep seas. In the winter the sudden, violent N wind off the mountains, the bora, is much to be feared, especially along the coast from Rijeka down to Zadar, although its effects can be felt as far south as Split.

Equally prevalent in winter - although not uncommon in summer - is the scirocco, a S/SE wind that blows up from North Africa, usually in advance of a depression moving E across the Mediterranean. Unlike the bora, the scirocco only occasionally exceeds gale force, but is still a phenomenon to be wary of, especially if on a lee coast.

For sources of weather forecasting, see Croatia.


See Croatia.



Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


There are no dangers in the immediate approach to Bozava. The white-painted light structure on the headland of Rt Sv Nedjelja at the N entrance to the inlet is conspicuous from some distance. Closer in, the breakwater extending SW from the N side of the harbour will be evident. Arriving from N, the large hotel on the S side of the inlet is very prominent. Depths in the approach are considerable until approaching the harbour entrance, where depths reduce to 7.0 - 8.0 metres.


Bozava is a seasonal port of entry. The nearest year-round port of entry is Zadar.


Yachts moored on Bozava quays

There are three mooring options for visiting yachts:

Božava, breakwater quay/wiki/Bo%C5%BEava#Bo.C5.BEava.2C_breakwater_quayBerth icon Božava, breakwater quay [[Božava#Božava, breakwater quay|Božava, breakwater quay]] 44°08.378'N, 014°54.416'E The inside of the breakwater is quayed along its whole length. There are laid moorings here for around 8 yachts in depths ranging from 2.0 metres at the root to 8.0 metres at the end. These moorings provide good shelter in winds from all directions except E round to SE. There are water and electricity points on the quay. Cost for 15m was 420Kn in May 2014 including electricity and water.
Božava, north quay/wiki/Bo%C5%BEava#Bo.C5.BEava.2C_north_quayBerth icon Božava, north quay [[Božava#Božava, north quay|Božava, north quay]] 44°08.420'N, 014°54.404'E There are a further 12-15 moorings laid along the quay on the N side of the harbour, at right angles to the breakwater. Depths are shallower here, mostly around 2.0 metres or less, and it is advisable for all but shallow draft yachts to go bows-to. Again, shelter is good in winds from all directions except E round to SE. There are water and electricity points along this quay also.
Božava, outer quay/wiki/Bo%C5%BEava#Bo.C5.BEava.2C_outer_quayBerth icon Božava, outer quay [[Božava#Božava, outer quay|Božava, outer quay]] 44°08.394'N, 014°54.455'E There is a short quay outside the harbour on the N side of the inlet, just outside the breakwater, where around six yachts can moor, using the laid lines provided. Depths here are 5.0 - 6.0 metres, making these berths suitable for deeper draft yachts. Shelter is adequate here in all except E and SE winds, though there is slightly more swell in any wind conditions than inside the harbour. There are water and electricity points on the quay.

In approx 1.5 NM NW of Božava you'd find yet another one, a rather unusual option:

u. Zagračina , submarine pen/wiki/Bo%C5%BEava#u._Zagra.C4.8Dina_.2C_submarine_penBerth icon u. Zagračina , submarine pen [[Božava#u. Zagračina , submarine pen|u. Zagračina , submarine pen]] 44°09.143'N, 014°53.443'E It is possible to moor at the quay right at the entrance of the submarine pens. Note: Generally such a pen can accommodate a couple of yachts, but beware of possible sunken boats there. Also there are reports of rats there.


It is possible to anchor if the harbour is full on the N side of the inlet in 12-15 metres. In view of the depths here, it is sensible to take lines ashore. Holding is good in sand and weed. Shelter is adequate in settled conditions.













Bins near the harbour.




Bottled gas







Mobile connectivity

Vehicle Rentals



  • Two provisions shops in the village.
  • Bakery

Eating out

  • Restaurants in the village.


  • Ferries to Zadar.
  • Seasonal ferries to Ancona in Italy.
  • Local buses to Zaglav and Sali.


Bozava village

Bozava is arguably the most developed tourist town on Dugi Otok, with two sizeable hotel complexes and a thriving dive centre. The area around is covered with pine forest and there are numerous walking trails that are worth exploring. The church of St. Nicholas in the village houses three Gothic processional crosses dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries.


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See Croatia.

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See Croatia.


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