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See Sardinia.


See Sardinia - weather.




  • Isola Rossa -- just off Bosa Marina, which artificially was turned into a peninsula. An old watchtower, a lighthouse and the Porticciolo di Bosa Marina are located there.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

River Temo mouth

A quay at the S bank of the river Temo is reserved for local fishing boats. On the N bank of the river are:

Nautica Pinna

Nautica Pinna/wiki/Bosa#Nautica_Pinna
Berth icon Nautica Pinna [[Bosa#Nautica Pinna|Nautica Pinna]] 40°17.596'N, 008°28.765'E

A boat yard which offers some berths; depths 3-3.5m, berths 260; Max. LOA 30 m.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (785) 373554;; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX

Porto di Bosa

Porto di Bosa/wiki/Bosa#Porto_di_Bosa
Berth icon Porto di Bosa [[Bosa#Porto di Bosa|Porto di Bosa]] (Nuova Darsena) 40°17.704'N, 008°28.877'E

depths 1.5-2.5m, berths 480; Max. LOA 26 m.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (346) 1585719; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Office hours: 09:00-13:00

Isola Rossa

At the peninsula of Isola Rossa next to the Bosa Marina:

Porticciolo di Bosa Marina

Porticciolo di Bosa Marina/wiki/Bosa#Porticciolo_di_Bosa_Marina
Berth icon Porticciolo di Bosa Marina [[Bosa#Porticciolo di Bosa Marina|Porticciolo di Bosa Marina]] (Porticciolo di Renato Pirisi) 40°17.177'N, 008°28.529'E

Some basic seasonal moorings (with water and electricity) in quite a distance from the town centre. Depths 1.5-9.8m, berths 140. Max. LOA 50 m.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (079) 9893117; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel 09


Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina/wiki/Bosa#Bosa_Marina
Anchorage icon Bosa Marina [[Bosa#Bosa Marina|Bosa Marina]] 40°17.102'N, 008°28.717'E
A bay with a nice beach (crowded in season). The bay is quite protected from NW-E. Anchor at 4-6 m; bottom is sand and weed. Restaurants and provisioning ashore. Take care of 300 m sea band off the beach.

North of Bosa

Porto Mànagu

Porto Mànagu/wiki/Bosa#Porto_M.C3.A0nagu
Anchorage icon Porto Mànagu [[Bosa#Porto Mànagu|Porto Mànagu]] 40°20.212'N, 008°25.241'E

Porto Mànagu is a small cove at the S side of the Capo Marargiu in 3.5 NM from Bosa. The width of the cove is about 100 m. It's open to SW. It could be difficult to spot from the sea as the islet of Managu covers it from S. It's a picturesque overnight provided suitable winds. Anchor at 2-5 m on sand.

The area is in the natural reserve which stretches from the islet of Sa Pagliosa in the north of Capo Marargiu to the river Temo in Bosa.


Water In the marinas
Electricity In the marinas
Toilets In the marinas
Showers In the marinas
Laundry See Nautica Pinna
Garbage In the marinas
Fuel at the Nautica Pinna
Bottled gas
Chandlers See Nautica Pinna
Repairs Extensive facilities at the boatyard of the Nautica Pinna
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals


Some grocery shops in town.

Simply/wiki/Bosa#SimplyProvisions icon Simply [[Bosa#Simply|Simply]] 40°17.826'N, 008°29.408'E A large supermarket E of the harbour at the viale Alghero. (Mo-Sa 08:00-20:00; Su 08:00-13:00).

Eating out

There are some restaurants in town.



Worth a stop to visit this picturesque town at the banks of a river. The Malaspina Castle is perched on the hill behind the old quarter at the E of the town.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Italy.


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