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Port of Entry
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Carloforte harbour

Carloforte is a small town (6,500 population) and fishing harbour on the Isola di San Pietro, which is situated some five miles off the SW coast of Sardinia, opposite Portoscuso. For the yachting visitor, the harbour offers sheltered berthing in three marinas as well as the opportunity to explore the island's beautiful beaches and bracing cliff walks.


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Carloforte harbour

The various navigational hazards in the strait of San Pietro are well marked. The depths shoal in the approaches to the harbour about a mile off the breakwater and a heavy swell can build up here during strong NW winds. Once inside the breakwaters shelter is good, especially in the more northerly of the two marinas.


Carloforte is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.


The two marinas are both run by Marina Sifredi.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marina Sifredi

Marina Sifredi/wiki/Carloforte#Marina_Sifredi
Marina icon Marina Sifredi [[Carloforte#Marina Sifredi|Marina Sifredi]] 39°08.443'N, 008°18.701'E
Port of Entry

Marina Sifredi is responsible for a total of 250 berths in the two marinas to the north and south of the harbour. Short-stay visitors normally berth in the northerly marina, which is closer to the town and its numerous facilities. Longer-term visitors wil normally be directed to the smaller, southerly marina. Minimum depths in the harbour are 5.5m. Yachts up to a maximum of 50m can be accommodated. Water and electricity are available at all berths. Fuel station. Laundry. Car and scooter hire nearby. Crane (20T).

  • 09/2013: Marina recommended for wintering by Claude from Chouette --s/v Seatern 06:03, 10 October 2013 (BST)
[email protected]; Tel: +39 (781) 857 008; Fax: +39 (781) 854 437; VHF channel 15
Address: Address: 09014 Porto di Carloforte, Isola di San Pietro, Sardegna, Italy
Hours: Daily 0900 to 2200

Marina Fronte Nautico

Marina Fronte Nautico/wiki/Carloforte#Marina_Fronte_Nautico
Marina icon Marina Fronte Nautico [[Carloforte#Marina Fronte Nautico|Marina Fronte Nautico]] 39°08.548'N, 008°18.633'E
Port of Entry

Entering the harbour on the left there is Marina Fronte Nautico, completely new and high class, with free parking areas, can host up to 200 yachts, with a 5 mt maximum draught, Martini floating docks and a 140 mt fix Quay. WiFi, toilettes, and showers. Laundry.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (781) 85 41 10; Mob: +39 (330) 43 00 91; VHF channel 09
Address: Via Aldo Moro 109014, Carloforte, Isola di San Pietro, Sardegna, Italy
Hours: Mooring assistance and security 24 hr
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing.

Marina Mamma Mahon

Marina Mamma Mahon/wiki/Carloforte#Marina_Mamma_Mahon
Marina icon Marina Mamma Mahon [[Carloforte#Marina Mamma Mahon|Marina Mamma Mahon]] 39°08.771'N, 008°18.636'E
Port of Entry

Mamma Mahon, located in the centre of the town, 500 mt right from the first marina. It can host up to 150 yachts, with a 5 mt maximum draught, Martini floating docks and a 55 mt fix quay. It’s nearer to the centre and the shopping areas of Carloforte. WiF, laundry, limited security.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (781) 85 41 10; Mob: +39 (330) 43 00 91; VHF channel 09
Address: Via Aldo Moro 109014, Carloforte, Isola di San Pietro, Sardegna, Italy
Hours: Mooring assistance and security 24 hr
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing.


  • There is a day anchorage between I. Piana and I. dei Ratti north of Carloforte. This is usable overnight in calm conditions
  • Other day anchorages are available on both San Pietro and Sant Antioco dependant on conditions


It is possible to anchor off Calasetta to the S but difficult to get any shelter from the prevailing NW wind. Anchor to the S of the town, below the ferry area, where access via a small quay provides a short walk into town. Calasetta has basic provisions and groceries

Porto Pino

Porto Pino, about 20NM to the south, provides a good beach anchorage on sand with protection to the NW. The lagoons behind the dunes are home to flamingoes.


Anchorage and marina about 30Nm to the south. Anchorage is exposed from SE-SW but has good holding and protection from NW. There are no shore facilities, the village is some distance away.

Cala Malfatano

Anchorage on the southern tip of Sardinia, some 35Nm from Carloforte and 30Nm from Cagliari so a useful midway point. There are at least 4 areas to choose from, each offering differing protection but none good from the S. Very little there except a beach bar in July & August.


Water In the marinas
Electricity In the marinas
Toilets In the Marina Fronte Nautico
Showers In the Marina Fronte Nautico
Laundry In the marinas
Garbage Bins in the marinas
Fuel ?
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs Boatyard run by Marina Fronte Nautico
Internet WiFi In the marinas
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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Eating out

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Carloforte was founded by coral fishers from Pegli near Genoa in the 18th century, the settlement was established with the permission of the King of Sardinia, Charles Emmanuel III - hence the name Carloforte (Charles' Fort), which was chosen in honour of the king. The town has been for many years an important centre for wooden boatbuilding, and the craft still fourishes today (traditional lateen-sailed boats can often be seen around the harbour). The town retains its cultural links with the town of Pegli and a variant of the Ligurian dialect is still spoken by a number of the population.

Places to Visit

The town of Carloforte is pleasant enough and there are a number of shops which maintain the tradition of coral products, especially jewellery (although most of it is no longer fished locally). There is a good walk or cycle round to the NW tip of the island, where there is an old tonnara on the point, and also to the east, where the salt pans are populated with flamingos and red-legged stilts. A daily ferry service runs over to Calasetta on the neighbouring Isola di Sant’ Antioco, which is also worth a visit for a long walk or shorter cycle through pleasant country lanes fringed by bamboo, honeysuckle and cactus to the other end of island. The scenery here is idyllic, and you are likely to see the occasional ox-drawn cart or old peasant weeding his vineyard with a donkey-drawn plough. There is an interesting tophet (Punic sacred burial ground), where cremated remains were interred in clay pots, and an archeological museum in the town of Sant' Antioco. If open, one can also visit some spooky catacombs under a paleochristian church.

Carloforte waterfront
Donkey power, Isola di San Pietro
Traditional transport, Isola di Sant' Antioco
Punic burial ground, Isola di Sant' Antioco


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