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Port of Entry
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Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena is a Mediterranean city and naval station located in the Region of Murcia, southeastern Spain on the Costa Bianca coast.. It is an important naval seaport, the main military haven of Spain, and there is a big naval shipyard.


See Mediterranean coast of Spain.


Cartagena has a warm, semi-arid climate. Its location near the ocean moderates the temperature and annual precipitation typically does not surpass 300mm. The annual average temperature goes up to around 20°C. The coldest month is January with an average of 12°C. In August, the warmest month, the average temperature is 26°C. The wind is an important climatic factor in the region. (expand)

Also see Spain.


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages.


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Cartagena is a port of entry for Spain. For details see Entrance: Spain.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Yacht Port Cartagena

Yacht Port Cartagena/wiki/Cartagena#Yacht_Port_Cartagena
Marina icon Yacht Port Cartagena [[Cartagena#Yacht Port Cartagena|Yacht Port Cartagena]] 37°35.798'N, 000°58.651'W

310 berths for almost any type of boat and megayachts up to 140 metres. Metered water & electricity. Lainderete (needs tokens), toilets, & shower. Fuel station. Free WiFi. 24/7 CCTV security. Shuttle service to the airport and other destinations. Close to the town center.; Tel: +34 (968) 121 213; Fax: +34 (968) 121 232; Mobile: +34 (618) 332 101; VHF channel 09
Address: Muelle Alfonso XII 24, 30202 Cartagena , Murcia, Spain
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Real Club de Regatas Cartagena

Real Club de Regatas Cartagena/wiki/Cartagena#Real_Club_de_Regatas_Cartagena
Marina icon Real Club de Regatas Cartagena [[Cartagena#Real Club de Regatas Cartagena|Real Club de Regatas Cartagena]] (RCRC) 37°35.809'N, 000°59.114'W

Fuel dock nearby, water, electricity, toilets, showers. Swimming pool, restaurant. Free WiFi. Washing/drying machines. 15 T hoist; Tel: +34 (968) 501 507; Fax: +34 (968) 506 905; VHF channel 09
Address: Paseo Alfonso XII, S/N, 30201 Cartagena, Spain
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing


Bajo de Ecomberas

Bajo de Ecomberas/wiki/Cartagena#Bajo_de_Ecomberas
Anchorage icon Bajo de Ecomberas [[Cartagena#Bajo de Ecomberas|Bajo de Ecomberas]] 37°34.650'N, 000°59.897'W
Possible to anchor off in the bay.


Water In both the Yacht Port (metered) and the Real Club
Electricity In both the Yacht Port (metered) and the Real Club
Toilets In both the Yacht Port and the Real Club
Showers In both the Yacht Port and the Real Club
Laundry In both the Yacht Port (tokens) and the Real Club
Garbage Bins in both the Yacht Port (tokens) and the Real Club
Fuel Fuel near to both the Yacht Port and the Real Club
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs In the Real Club
Internet WiFi in both the Yacht Port and the Real Club
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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  • San Javier Airport (MJV IATA) (Murcia) is a short drive from the city
  • Mainline trains from Murcia serve a terminus on Mexico Square, east of the city centre



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See Costa Blanca.


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