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Port of Entry
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Chaguaramas Bay

Chaguaramas lies in the North West Peninsula of Trinidad west of Port of Spain; the name is often applied to the entire peninsula, but is sometimes used to refer to the most developed area. The entire peninsula was leased to the United States in 1940 for the construction of a naval base under the Destroyers for Bases Agreement. The base was also used during the early 1960s as a BMEWS early warning radar site, as well as serving as a missile tracking site on the U.S. Air Force Eastern Test Range. The base was scaled back in 1956 and the area was returned to Trinidad and Tobago control in 1963. It has been the center of Yachting activity in Trinidad.


See Trinidad - Tobago.


See Trinidad - Tobago.


See Trinidad - Tobago.


See Trinidad - Tobago.


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Chaguaramas is a port of entry for Trinidad - Tobago. For details see Entrance: Trinidad - Tobago.

Customs (24/7): Ph: (868) 634 4341, Immigration Ph: (868) 634 4341.


Yachts can come alongside the Customs Dock if it is not occupied, otherwise anchor nearby.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Crews Inn Marina

Crews Inn Marina

Crews Inn Marina/wiki/Chaguaramas#Crews_Inn_Marina
Marina icon Crews Inn Marina [[Chaguaramas#Crews Inn Marina|Crews Inn Marina]] 10°40.748'N, 061°37.913'W

CrewsInn’s 68-Slip Marina is a safe and peaceful harbour outside of the hurricane belt; naturally protected by lush mountains of the Northern Range. As one of the most modern Marinas in the region, it is a fond favourite for yearly and transient guests due to its first-class service and community appeal.

Point Gourde, Chaguaramas, Trinidad, West Indies, P.O. Bag 518, C/O Carenage Post Office, Trinidad, West Indies
Tel: +868 634-4384/5
Fax: +868 634-4542/4175

Coral Cove Marina

Coral Cove Marina/wiki/Chaguaramas#Coral_Cove_Marina
Marina icon Coral Cove Marina [[Chaguaramas#Coral Cove Marina|Coral Cove Marina]] 10°40.813'N, 061°37.909'W
Western Main Road, Chaguaramas, Trinidad, W.I.
Tel: +868 634-2040 / 2244
Fax: +868 634-2248

Sweetwater Marina

Sweetwater Marina/wiki/Chaguaramas#Sweetwater_Marina
Marina icon Sweetwater Marina [[Chaguaramas#Sweetwater Marina|Sweetwater Marina]] DD.dddDD.ddd

100 berths. Water, electricity, telephone, restaurant.

2 Stella Maris Drive, Western Main Road, Chaguaramas
Tel: +868 634 2773
Fax: +868 634 4046
VHF 68

Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association

Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association/wiki/Chaguaramas#Trinidad_.26_Tobago_Sailing_Association
Marina icon Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association [[Chaguaramas#Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association|Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association]] (TTYA) 10°40.892'N, 061°37.055'W

20 moorings (up to 15 ton) available on a first come, first served basis. 15 ton travelift.

PO Box 3140, Carenage Post Office, Trinidad, West Indies
Tel: +868 634-4210
Fax: +868 634-4376
VHF 68

Power Boats

Power Boats/wiki/Chaguaramas#Power_Boats
Marina icon Power Boats [[Chaguaramas#Power Boats|Power Boats]] 10°40.810'N, 061°38.075'W

50 ton travelift, Multihull haul out. Large yard with dry storage and Plastic "Shrink" Wrap Service. Pre- booking essential. All facilities; provisions, chandlery, restaurants, etc.

Tel: +868 634 4303
Fax: +868 634 4327
VHF 72

Tropical Marine Ltd

Tropical Marine Ltd/wiki/Chaguaramas#Tropical_Marine_Ltd
Marina icon Tropical Marine Ltd [[Chaguaramas#Tropical Marine Ltd|Tropical Marine Ltd]] (Alernate name if any) DD.dddDD.ddd
Tel: +868 634 4502/4453
Fax: +868 634 4502


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See Trinidad - Tobago.


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