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Venice - Chioggia

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45°13.95′N, 12°19.3′E
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ChioggiaAerial.jpgIsland town of Chioggia from SSW

The town of Chioggia is situated on a small island, linked to the mainland by several low bridges, at the SE extremity of the Venetian Lagoon. Often described (especially by its tourist office) as a ‘Venice in miniature’, Chioggia is a mediaeval maze of narrow lanes ending abruptly in canals or waterfront promenades with views over the lagoon or the sandy spit of land that protects Chioggia from the full force of the Adriatic. The town was formerly famed for the traditional lacemaking skills of its women. Today the town chiefly survives on fishing and tourism. Together with its companion seaside resort town of Sottomarina half a mile E, Chioggia offers several secure berthing options for yachts of up to 35 metres along its quays and in its various marina basins.

Click on this link for a map of Chioggia yacht berths: Map of Chioggia


British Admiralty


During the summer months the prevailing winds in the Adriatic are light to moderate coastal seabreezes. In spring and autumn, northerly winds are more frequent and can quickly rise to near gale force, especially in the northern Adriatic, where the much-feared “bora” is caused by high pressure over the mountains to the NE coupled with low pressure over southern Italy. Fortunately, the fiercest “bora” is normally to be expected in the winter months. Thunderstorms are occasionally experienced in spring and especially autumn and can be accompanied by violent winds of gale force and above. Luckily they are rarely long-lasting. Sources for weather information:

  • There is a continuous (computerised voice) weather forecast on VHF 68 - first in Italian and then followed with an English translation
  • The same forecast is given in Italian and English on VHF coastal stations following a notification on channel 16
  • Navtex weather forecasts covering the Adriatic are broadcast from stations at Roma, Trieste, Kerkyra (Greece) and Split (Croatia)


Popular passages/routes, timing, etc.


There are a total of 117 small islands in the lagoon, some inhabited but many of them little more than extensive mudbanks. The principal inhabited islands are as follows:


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The entrance of Porto Chioggia is between two long breakwaters extending E from the long, low spit of land that protects the lagoon from seaward. A detached, arc-shaped breakwater protects the entrance from SE and a yacht can pass either side to enter the channel. However, note that the deeper water is towards the northern breakwater. Depths in the main channel are 6.5 - 8.0 metres but only 4.0 - 5.0 towards the sides. Be sure to give the ends of the breakwaters a clearance of at least 200 metres as there is dangerous rock ballasting. Follow the channel marked with buoys and wooden posts, which turns S after a mile to enter the harbour of Chioggia. The channel is dredged to 6.5 metres. The tides can run strongly through the entrance and caution is needed in such conditions. Entry is potentially dangerous with strong onshore winds. See individual berthing entries for pilotage beyond this point. Note: along this stretch of the Adriatic coast tidal ranges can exceed 1.0 metre at springs, so judging the tides right can make a significant difference to safe access.


Yachts visiting Chioggia have four principal berthing options, two on the island of Chioggia town itself and two half a mile to the E and NE of the island respectively, on the lagoon shore of the resort of Sottomarina.

Porto Interno

World icon.png 45°13.47′N, 12°16.88′E
The Porto Interno at Chioggia consists of a series of moorings in the Bacina di Vigo, an area on the S side of the long E/W oriented breakwater which protects the N end of the island of Chioggia. For access, follow the channel, marked with wooden posts, that leads to the island. Depending on size, yachts either moor with lines fore and aft between two of the mooring posts or do a four-point moor stern or bows-to the quay at the root of the breakwater, taking two lines to the mooring posts. Depths along the moorings range from 2.0 - 3.5 metres. There are no facilities here and it is a long walk to the attractions of Chioggia (unless you use your dinghy). In practice, these berths are usually occupied by local boats on permanent contracts and there is little likelihood of a visiting yacht being able to berth here except by prior arrangement.

Darsena Le Saline

Moorings at the Darsena Le Saline YC (Canaletta Morin on left)

World icon.png 45°13.61′N, 12°16.82′E
The Darsena Le Saline (also known as the Porto Turistico di Chioggia) lies immediately N of the Bacina di Vigo and is accessed via a separate channel on the N side of the breakwater. It has 450 berths for yachts up to 35 metres in depths of 2.0 - 7.0 metres. The yacht club which runs the marina also has berths in a narrow basin, the Canaletta Morin, off the Canale Lombardo at the W end of the Bacina di Vigo. As with the Porto Interno, it is a long walk to the attractions of Chioggia (unless you use your dinghy). For full details, click on link: Darsena Le Saline.

Porto Turistico San Felice (Sottomarina)

World icon.png 45°13.56′N, 12°17.64′E
The Porto Turistico San Felice is a large, new marina situated in Sottomarina half a mile NE of the island of Chioggia and immediately S of the castle of San Felice, which sits at the inner, southern end of the sea entrance into the lagoon. It has 500 berths for yachts up to 30 metres. Depths at the pontoons are 2.5 - 3.5 metres. For full details, click on link: Porto Turistico San Felice.

Darsena Mosella (Sottomarina)

World icon.png 45°13.38′N, 12°17.70′E
The Darsena Mosella is situated in Sottomarina half a mile E of the island of Chioggia and immediately S of the Porto Turistico San Felice. It has 220 berths (10 for transit) for yachts up to 16 metres. Depths at the pontoons are 3.0 - 4.0 metres. For full details, click on link: Darsena Mosella.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Port regulations prohibit anchoring anywhere in the lagoon of Venice, owing to the large number of electrical and other cables criss-crossing the lagoon bed.

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Submit addresses and contact details of marine related businesses that are of interest to cruisers.


See individual entries for details.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Fuel berth in the Canale Lombardo, just S of the Canaletta Morin. Water and electricity at the marinas.

Things to do Ashore


Canale Vena, Chioggia
Chiesa di San Domenico, Chioggia
Waterfront of Sottomarina

The old town of Chioggia still retains its mediaeval street plan and it's main street, Corso del Popolo, and side alleys or calli, are fun to explore. The town contains several old churches, notably the grand Baroque cathedral of Santa Maria with a 14th century belltower and the Chiesa di San Domenico, which sits on its own little island, and contains one of Chioggia's greatest treasures, Carpaccio's St. Paul, as well as works by Tintoretto and Bassano. The Chiesa di San Giacomo Apostolo is a mediaeval church redesigned in the 18th century. Its main altar displays an icon of the Virgin Mary with the body of Jesus in her arms which first appeared following a vision by a local peasant in 1508, initially on a log washed up on the shore then on board a small boat. The log itself is also preserved here.

Grocery & Supply Stores

Reasonable provisions shops in Chioggia. Better choice in Sottomarina.

Also see individual entries for details.


  • Numerous bars and restaurants in Chioggia, more in Sottomarina


See individual entries for details.


Motorbike & Car Rentals

Some rental outlets in the town of Chioggia. Better choice in Sottomarina.

Garbage Disposal

Bins at the marinas.


  • Ferries into Venice
  • Railway station at Cavarzere, 20 km to WSW.
  • Buses to local destinations.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • A rather likeable town, like a workaday version of Venice and without the mass tourism. The Sottomarina marinas are much the quietest and best sheltered places to berth, in spite of the distance into the town. --Athene of Lymington

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