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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Djerba

Djerba (Houmt Souk)
Port of Entry
33°53.4′N, 10°51.4′E Chart icon.png
Tunisia DjerbaS.jpg
Satellite View of Djerba

The island of Djerba or Jerba, with the 2000 year old Jewish community, and an area of 514 km2 is the largest island of North Africa. Its largest city is Houmt-Souk, with a population of around 60,000. Djerba has lovely beaches very popular with the French unfortunately covered by one huge hotel complex after another.

In Jerba there is Jewish community of about 1,000 people. They claim that their ancestors arrived here from Jerusalem in the 6th century BC and it is one of the earliest Jewish settlements in the world. The El Griba Synagogue was built in the 1920s on the site first chosen in 600 BC when a holy stone fell from heaven and a mysterious girl appeared to direct the building of the original Synagogue. It is believed that when the last Jew leaves Jerba, he must lock the Synagogue and throw its key back to heaven.


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See Tunisia.


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Houmt Souk is a port of entry to Tunisia. But, like all Tunisian ports, you must check-in even if you have already been cleared into the Tunisia.

For details about clearing see Tunisia.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Yacht Services and Repairs

See Houmt Souk Marina.

Marine Stores



There is a small shipyard associated with the marina.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

In the marina
In the marina
In the marina

Things to do Ashore


Visit the lovely Mosquée des Turcs in Humt Souk and the El Ghriba synagogue, one of the oldest in the world.

The picturesque souk (market place) in Humt Souk is full of nice pottery for sale in colors, sizes, and shapes of every description. Unfortunately the hassling style of their vendors can drive the visitors away and discourage them from buying any of these attractive wares.

The Mosquée des Turcs
Interior of El Ghriba Synagogue
Nargile Stems for sale in the souk

Grocery & Supply Stores

  • Several stores
  • Lots of fruits in the souk


  • Good cous-cous (the Tunisian national dish) at the Restaurant Les Palmiers
  • There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages.




Motorbike & Car Rentals

In town.

Garbage Disposal

There are bins around the harbors.


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See Tunisia.


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