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Esenkoy (Katirli)
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Esenkoy harbour from SE

Esenköy (also known as Katirli) is a small harbour on the southern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Situated 10 miles NE of the cape of Bozburun Burnu at the end of the peninsula of the same name, it lies 15 miles SW of the Princes Islands and 38 miles S of Istanbul. An up and coming resort town, the harbour welcomes visiting yachts and offers the option of alongside berthing or anchor mooring in excellent shelter from the prevailing N/NE winds. During the summer it is a popular destination for yachts cruising down from Istanbul.


See Sea of Marmara.


The prevailing winds are N/NE. During settled periods, an afternoon sea breeze sets in from SW and a land breeze from NE during the night.

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Esenkoy harbour is entered from SW. The long breakwater, oriented SW-NE, is clearly visible from distance. When approaching from S, be sure to avoid the dangerous above-water rock which lies 100 metres offshore some 250-300 metres S of the entrance. The rock has a short red-painted pole on top, but usually the cormorants drying their wings on it are more conspicuous. A course of not less than 065 degrees into the entrance takes you clear of the danger. Depths in the entrance are 6.0 – 7.0 metres and mostly between 3.0 and 3.5 metres along the quays.

Esenkoy harbour entrance, showing dangerous rock


Yacht moorings alongside and stern-to in Esenkoy harbour

Yachts berth where directed by Tomas, the extremely friendly and polyglot harbourmaster, who speaks some English, French and Italian. Usually there is room for 3-4 yachts alongside on the western quay (along the breakwater) and a further 6-8 on anchor moor on the northern quay. The central section of the northern quay is used by a regular passenger ferry and must be left clear. Depths on the western quay range from 3.25 metres at the inner end to 4.0 metres at the outer end. On the northern quay, yachts generally anchor moor west of the ferry berth, where depths are mostly just over 3.0 metres (although there is only 2.5 metres in the NW corner). East of the ferry berth, depths gradually shelve from 2.0 metres to only 1.5 metres in the NE corner and this section is only suitable for shallow draught yachts.

Berthing prices are 'negotiable' but tend to start at around YTL 30 per day and YTL 50 for three days --Athene of Lymington 09:02, 4 June 2011 (BST)

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Nearest alternative safe harbours are the commercial harbour of Cinarcik 5-6 miles E or the new Setur marina at Yalova, 15 miles E.


Water One water outlet on the western quay (but you will probably need a long hose)
Electricity One electricity point on the western quay (but you will probably need a long extension)
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins along the breakwater
  • No fuel station at he harbour
  • Garage around 300 metres inland
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In internet cafes. Sempati Café at the NE corner of the harbour is the closest
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Bim supermarket at NE corner of harbour
  • Numerous bakeries and greengrocers along the road one street back from the harbour
  • An ATM at NE corner of harbour (in white and red kiosk).

Eating out

  • Considerable range of choices along gthe waterfront – as long as you like hamburgers, pide and köfte

Some of the establishments seem to see visiting yachtsmen as a good opportunity to max their profits: ask the price of everything and check your bill carefully at the end of your meal.



Evening in Esenkoy harbour

The town of Esenkoy has an understated approach to tourism, with a man–made beach to the S of the harbour and a long chain of pide and köfte cafes stretching along the front. A stroll of a few hundred metres inland, however, takes you into another world, with a few remaining ramshackle old houses surrounded by farm allotments, cockerels scrabbling in the yards and small herds of (very pretty looking) cows grazing at the roadside.


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  • The harbour here is one of the most sheltered and the harbourmaster one of the most friendly in the Sea of Marmara. Unfortunately, the muezzin of the mosque next to the harbour is also one of the loudest. --Athene of Lymington 14:23, 3 June 2011 (BST)

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