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Port of Entry
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Finike the ancient Greek Phoenicus (Φοινικοῦς) is a large industrial town 30 miles east of Kas and 45 miles SW of Kemer. It is the closest harbour to the east of the lovely cruising grounds of Kekova Roads and the important ancient site of Myra.

A 350-berth marina at Finike is operated by the Setur company. While the town is not especially picturesque or touristy, the municipality has made a considerable effort in recent years to beautify the town, with some lovely parks shaded with palm and fig trees and a mile long palm-fringed promenade extending along the beach east of the marina. Also, there are numerous cafes and restaurants near the marina, an ATM immediately opposite the entrance and a good supermarket about one kilometer east along the coast road.


236 Hisarönü körfezi to Taslik burnu
G40 Kas to Antalya
54420 Isakandil Burnu to Didarde Burnu
321 Kaş - Çavuş Burnu
3131 D) Finike Limanı


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Straightforward with no dangers, although you are side on to the prevailing wind and waves on entry. The bay shallows beyond the marina entrance, but there are depths of 6-7 metres in the entrance itself.


Finike is a port of entry/exit to Turkey. The marina can take care of the formalities.


Call on VHF channel 73 before entry. A marina inflatable will guide you to a berth. Once berthed, check in at the marina office.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Water In the marina
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry In the marina
Garbage There are bins around the harbour
Fuel In the marina
Bottled gas In the marina
Chandlers In the marina
Repairs In the marina
Internet In the marina
Mobile connectivity Strong 3G signal
Vehicle rentals Car rental outlet in the complex outside the marina


  • Supermarkets about a kilometer east of the marina
  • A mini-market within the marina

Eating out

  • There is a good fish restaurant across from the marina, the Anfora Balik Restaurant
  • Altin Sofra restaurant just outside the marina perimeter is good value


  • Bus station within 500 metres of marina
  • Dolmus stop outside marina (for Demre)
  • Antalya airport 125 km away


Finike Limyra.jpgLimyra

Finike is a pleasant though not picturesque town, with leafy parks along the front, a shady riverside walk going inland and a palm-fringed promenade extending over a mile along the beachfront. Some 15 kilometres west of Finike is the town of Demre, which boasts two main attractions: the somewhat decrepit and overpriced former Byzantine church of Saint Nicholas of Myra (he of Santa Claus fame) in Demre itself and the rather more impressive remains of the Roman theatre and earlier Lycian tombs at the ancient site of Myra about two kilometers north.

Also, some seven kilometers north of Finike is the ancient site of Limyra with a Roman theatre to the left of the road and the ruins of the bishopric palace and the cenotaph of Gaius to the right, in a marshy area surrounded by greenery.

See also entries for Kas and Antalya.

The Roman theatre
Fragments of the theatre freize
Lycian rock-cut tombs
Statue of Saint Nicholas


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See Turkey.


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  • A daily SE seabreeze gets up around 1100 and blows until around 1700. It can reach 20 knots at times, especially in early to mid afternoon. Although the marina staff will assist, berthing requires care if arriving in these conditions --Athene of Lymington 14:43, 4 June 2010 (UTC).
  • If visiting Myra, you won’t miss much if you skip the St Nicholas Museum in Demre. It's in a very poor state of preservation and full of Russians queuing to touch the broken sarcophagus of St Nicholas; moreover, it’s a full 10 Turkish lire to visit. If you want to see true respect for the saint, visit the eponymous church in Bari, Italy, where his bones have lain since 1087 in a wonderfully atmospheric crypt that does justice to his fame. If you’re Russian Orthodox, please feel free to delete this remark! --Athene of Lymington 14:25, 5 June 2010 (UTC)
  • I grew up as a Greek orthodox but I am an atheist. Nevertheless that is a holy place to many people and should be respected. --Istioploos 16:29, 11 January 2012 (GMT)

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