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Convenient harbor from which to visit Edinburgh and home of the Royal Fourth Yacht Club and Forth Corinthian Yacht Club. It is sometimes listed as "Edinburgh Marina", but doesn't have the usual facilities that would be associated with a marina. Granton Harbour is also used as a base by the Forth Pilot Boats.

See Edinburgh Marina for further details.


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See Scotland.


See Scotland.


See Scotland.


See Scotland.


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The only pontoon is available for visitors and generally only used on a temporary basis by local yachts. The harbour is very prone to silting, however frequent dredging keeps some depth of water available on the pontoons, but deep keels will settle in the very soft mud without any problem.

The remainder of the harbour has moorings for local yachts and mostly dries out (again mostly soft mud).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Water Y
Electricity N
Toilets Y
Showers Y
Laundry ?
Garbage Y
Fuel N
Bottled gas N
Chandlers N
Repairs ?
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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