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Port of Entry
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Herzliya is about 14 km N of Tel Aviv.


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See Israel.


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See Israel.


The entrance is located on the northern side of the marina and is marked by lighthouses (Fl.G.5s, Fl.R.5s). The channel is marked by literal buoys. During entrance, stay close to the breakwater, due to shoals.


Herzliya is a port of entry for Israel. For details see Entrance: Israel.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Herzliya Marina

Herzliya Marina

Herzliya Marina/wiki/Herzliya#Herzliya_Marina
Berth icon Herzliya Marina [[Herzliya#Herzliya Marina|Herzliya Marina]] 32°09.739'N, 034°47.670'E
Port of Entry

The Herzliya Marina is the largest and most innovative one in the whole Middle East. It contains 680 berths for all kind of vessels, including the largest yachts 35 meters long. Full service marina.

info@herzliya-marina.co.il; Tel: +972 (9) 9565591; Fax: +972 (9) 9565593; VHF channels 11 & 16
Address: The marina manager, 1 Hatzedef Str. Herzlia 46 764, Israel


Once you are checked into Israel, you will be issued a cruising permit which allows you to sail and anchor along the coast. Substantially all of the anchorages are open roadsteads suitable for anchoring only in very fair weather. Ask the locals who will be eager to advise you. Useless to ask at the marina office.


Water Water for most yachts is free in the marina
Electricity in the marina
Toilets in the marina
Showers in the marina
Laundry Self service machines, in two locations in the marina
Garbage in the marina
Fuel fuel station in the marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers 'Royal Yam' and 'Yamit' on the southern side of the main pool and 'Atlantis Marine' in the mall on the eastern side.
  • Almost any repair work can be done in the boatyard
Internet in the marina (there maybe a charge
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • marina is situated beside a large "Mall" where there are shops of all kinds as well as restaurants and bars for a good night out
  • There is a supermarket in the Arena Mall, adjacent to the marina.

Eating out

Plenty of restaurants and cafes along the waterfront, such as:

  • Murphies - an Irish bar
  • 9Bar - fusion kitchen, sushi
  • Medzo, Beni Hadayag - fish restaurants
  • Lucci - an Italian restaurant


  • Take a taxi to Tel-Aviv for vibrant night life and for the old city of Jaffa
  • Take a taxi to Herzliya train stations, and from there go North to Caesarea, Haifa, Acco, or South to Tel-Aviv, Rehovot (with its Weizmann Institute of Science), Beer-Sheva, or go to Jerusalem, the Holy City of three religions
  • On 1 March 2018 the mall at Herzliya Marina ceased to offer free parking 24x7 from Sunday 0:01 to Thursday 23:59. Marina visitors with rented cars now have the following options:
(1) Pay daily at the mall, about $10 USD
(2) If you are going to keep your rental car for several weeks or months, look into getting Herzliya township to issue a "resident" parking sticker which gives you free parking all over Herzliya, including the open-air parking lot next to the mall. We did not try this and it might not be possible for foreigners like us, but it is routine for the locals.
(3) Get the Israeli Pango app (not the international Pango app that does not work in Israel) and park on the street near the marina office, or on the mall access road N of it, or on the open-air parking lot S of the mall. Pay via Pango at the reduced daily rate of about $5. When registering Pango, it will ask for your Israeli ID after your credit card number. Call Pango and ask for the special number that enables registration for foreigners.



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