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Highborne Cay
24°43.346'N, 076°49.190'W Chart icon.png
Marina office at Highborne Cay

Highborne Cay is a privately owned island. There is a public marina near the south end of the cay.


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  • Allen's Cay - This group of three islands just north of Highbourne Cay are home to the endangered rock iguanas. The iguanas are used to being fed fruit by visiting boaters.


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  • Highborne Cay Marina broadcasts a weather report each morning at 8am.


  • Highborne Cay is visible for many miles due to a 300 foot Batelco tower located near the center of the island. Upon approaching closer a solitary white house is visible high in the north center of the island.
  • Coming from Exuma Bank, there are large shoals both north and south of the island, extending westward for up to 2 miles. A waypoint of approximately 24:42.4 North, 76:52 West will put you due west of the marina entrance (and Highborne Cut), distance about 2.5 miles. Arriving at the entrance, there are two rocks across the middle of the channel. The southern rock may have a stake on it. The channel runs between the two rocks. Proceed east until the entrance to the marina is abeam to port, then turn directly into it. There are shallows all around you so eyeball navigation applies here. The fuel dock is just to your right as you enter the marina and marks the beginning of a long quay where you may tie up before going ashore.
  • Coming from Exuma Sound, the entrance to Highborne Cut is from a waypoint at approximately 24:42 North, 76:48.5 West. Eyeball navigation is useful here, as there are shallows on both sides of the cut. A strong current runs through here, but the cut is large enough to be used by the mailboat and the tanker that supplies fuel to the marina.



Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Highborne Cay Marina, Highborne Cay. Ph: +242 355 1008, Fax: +242 355 1003, VHF 71, Email. A small marina with 16 slips, electricity, water, fuel, laundry, WiFi, b-b-q area and grocery store. The fuel dock can supply diesel and gasoline. The depth in the marina is reported to be 10 feet. Dockage is available at $2.00 per foot (2007). R/O water is for sale. There is a Batelco card telephone in the marina. Batelco cards may be purchased at the office. Calls to the USA are 50 cents per minute (2007). The marina has garbage cans; bags may be deposited for a small charge, but the charge increases dramatically for a larger number of bags. Visitors staying in the marina are allowed to walk around the island.


  • There is an anchorage along the west side of Highborne Cay, just north of Highborne Cut. Holding is reported good in grass and sand, depths up to 12 feet. You can dinghy to the marina by going into Highborne Cut and landing your dinghy on the beach near the marina office.



In the marina.


In the marina.











In the marina.

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There is a modern office / grocery store at the marina. Limited food and other supplies are available, although the cost is roughly three times the USA price.


Only by chartered seaplane.

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Places to Visit

Highborne Cay is a privately owned island and visitors are discouraged from leaving the marina area. Within the marina there is a very nice white sand beach. Refreshments can be bought at the nearby store. There is a book exchange in the marina office.


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See Exumas.


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