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Port of Entry
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Hondarribia has many attractive squares

The town and marina of Hondarribia lie on the coast of NW Spain on the border with France, from which it is separated by the Rio Bidasoa. On the other side of the river is the French harbour and anchorage of Hendaye. As a border town, Hondarribia has suffered in several conflicts with the armies of France, the last of which resulted in the partial destruction of its town walls. However, it remains an attractive and colourful fishing port, with a historic old quarter and several fine buildings. At the N end of the town, close to the entrance to the river, is the large and sheltered marina of Puerto Deportivo de Hondarribia. Entry is possible in most conditions but could be challenging in very strong N winds.


British Admiralty
1292 – Mimizan Plage to Cabo de Ajo
1170 – Baie de Fontarabie etc
C42 – La Rochelle to Santander


Hondarribia is largely sheltered from the prevailing NW winds, but strong northerlies can raise an unpleasant swell in the bay outside.

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The entrance to the River Bidasoa lies on the W side of a long sandy bay and is protected by two long training walls (not to be confused with the small commercial harbour of Puerto Berria to starboard on entry). Entry is possible in most conditions, although very strong N winds would make entry challenging if not potentially dangerous. Puerto Deportivo de Hondarribia lies just inside the entrance on starboard side.


Hondarribia is a port of entry for Spain. For details see Entrance: Spain.


Visiting yachts have only one option, to moor in the marina of Hondarribia Marina. While it is possible to anchor in the river, all the suitable anchoring locations are on the French side of the river, since the border passes close to the W bank.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Hondarribia marina from the W

Hondarribia Marina

Hondarribia Marina/wiki/Hondarribia#Hondarribia_Marina
Marina icon Hondarribia Marina [[Hondarribia#Hondarribia Marina|Hondarribia Marina]] 43°22.586'N, 001°47.651'W
Port of Entry

The marina has 672 berths for yachts up to 18 metres in depths of up to 3.0 metres. Berthing is on finger pontoons. Fuel berth. Toilets and showers. WiFi. Laundry. Bar and restaurant. Travel lift (35T). Crane (8T). Slipway. Chandlery. Small area of hardstanding.; Tel: +34 (943) 641 711; Fax: +34 (943) 646 031; VHF channel 09
Address: Kapitaintza Minatera z/g, 20280 Hondarribia, Spain
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing


Baie de Chingoudy

Baie de Chingoudy/wiki/Hondarribia#Baie_de_Chingoudy
Anchorage icon Baie de Chingoudy [[Hondarribia#Baie de Chingoudy|Baie de Chingoudy]] 43°21.860'N, 001°46.763'W

The only suitable spot to anchor is in the Baie de Chingoudy off the French town of Hendaye on the E bank of the river. There are numerous small craft moorings here but it is possible to anchor clear of them in 4.0 - 5.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and mud and shelter is good in virtually all conditions.

In settled conditions (not in strong northerlies) it is also possible to anchor off Hondarribia half a mile S of the marina entrance (although strictly speaking one is in French waters here


Water In the marina
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry In the marina
Garbage Bins in the marina
Fuel Fuel berth in the marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Chandlery in the marina
Repairs Small hardstanding area in the marina with travel lift (35T) and crane (8T). Most simple repairs possible
Internet WiFi in the marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


  • Good supermarket in the town
  • Bakeries and provisions shops

Eating out

  • Restaurant in the marina
  • Many restaurants in the town, many offering Basque specialties


  • San Sebastian airport is actually located in Hondarribia
  • Hondarribia is only served by local buses going to Irún or San Sebastian
  • There is a small and frequent ferry to Hendaye


Hondarribia is an attractive town, with several historic squares and pretty fishermens' houses with colourfully painted balconies. Just N of the marina is a superb beach (which is, however, invariably packed in summer). For many yachts cruising W, this will be the first taste of the true Basque country and an excellent place to sample Basque culture and traditions.


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See Spain.


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