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Isola Rossa
41°00.836'N, 008°52.348'E Chart icon.png
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Isola Rossa from SE

The harbour of Isola Rossa is situated on the N coast of the island of Sardinia immediately opposite the island of the same name. The later one is called so owing to the red colour of the rocks from which it is formed.


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  • Isola Rossa


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The harbour is clearly identifiable from some distance in the approach from S by the small island of Isola Rossa 300 metres off the harbour. From N, a ruined cylindrical Genoese watch tower is conspicuous on the headland on the N side of the town. The harbour lies on the S side of a short peninsula and is entered from SE along the line of a long sandy beach.

Warning: Note that there is a dangerous shoal patch 50 metres off the NE coast of the island with barely 3.0 metres over it. This is avoided in the approach from N by steering a course halfway between the island and the shore.


There is only one berthing option, Marina di Isola Rossa, which occupies the whole of the harbour.

Harbour of Isola Rossa

Marina di Isola Rossa

Marina di Isola Rossa/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Marina_di_Isola_Rossa
Marina icon Marina di Isola Rossa [[Isola Rossa#Marina di Isola Rossa|Marina di Isola Rossa]] (Porto Isola Rossa Marina) 41°00.755'N, 008°52.312'E

The marina offers around 415 berths for yachts up to 21 metres and maximum draft of 7.0 metres. Berths are stern or bows-to on a series of five pontoons and on the breakwater quays. Water and electricity at all berths. Toilets and showers. Lift out is possible for vessels up to 25T. Most repairs possible.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (79) 694 184; Fax: +39 (79) 694 177; Miob: +39 (393) 923 0804; VHF channels 09 & 16
Address: Lungomare Dettori, 07038 Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola OT, Sardinia, Italy
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing


There are sandy bays on both the N and S sides of the peninsula on which the harbour sits, which give reasonable shelter in winds from N and S respectively. However, both are unsuitable with anything W in the wind.

NE of Isola Rossa

Baia Trinità

Baia Trinità/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Baia_Trinit.C3.A0
Anchorage icon Baia Trinità [[Isola Rossa#Baia Trinità|Baia Trinità]] (La Marinedda) 41°01.089'N, 008°53.021'E
A relatively large bay just N of the Isola Rossa harbour.

Cala Tinnari

Cala Tinnari/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Cala_Tinnari
Anchorage icon Cala Tinnari [[Isola Rossa#Cala Tinnari|Cala Tinnari]] 41°02.153'N, 008°55.171'E
Dangerous rocks in the middle. Anchor at 17 m.

Cala Sarraina

Cala Sarraina/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Cala_Sarraina
Anchorage icon Cala Sarraina [[Isola Rossa#Cala Sarraina|Cala Sarraina]] 41°05.220'N, 008°58.850'E
This small natural cove surrounded by red rocks well deserves a visit. Anchor at the entrance of the inlet at about 13 m.

Porto di Vignola

Porto di Vignola/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Porto_di_Vignola
Anchorage icon Porto di Vignola [[Isola Rossa#Porto di Vignola|Porto di Vignola]] 41°07.811'N, 009°03.669'E
A wide open bay open which gives protection from SE-W. Some campsites and small hotels are ashore.

Lu Caloni

Lu Caloni/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Lu_Caloni
Anchorage icon Lu Caloni [[Isola Rossa#Lu Caloni|Lu Caloni]] 41°09.264'N, 009°07.758'E
Beautiful red rocks of the Monti Russu. Protection from SE-SW. Spiaggia della Piana, a beach at the S shore of the Capo di Monti Russu may be useful if it blows from the NE.

Lu Pultiddolu

Lu Pultiddolu/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Lu_Pultiddolu
Anchorage icon Lu Pultiddolu [[Isola Rossa#Lu Pultiddolu|Lu Pultiddolu]] 41°10.891'N, 009°09.891'E
A small cove fringed with reefs.

Portu Pitrosu

Portu Pitrosu/wiki/Isola_Rossa#Portu_Pitrosu
Anchorage icon Portu Pitrosu [[Isola Rossa#Portu Pitrosu|Portu Pitrosu]] 41°13.145'N, 009°09.918'E
Another small cove fringed with reefs. Good shelter from NE-SE.


Water In the marina
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins near the harbour
Fuel Petrol station with daily opening in high season and twice a week opening in low season
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Chandlery in the marina
Repairs Basic engine and electrical repairs only
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Superconcas/wiki/Isola_Rossa#SuperconcasProvisions icon Superconcas [[Isola Rossa#Superconcas|Superconcas]] 41°00.781'N, 008°52.471'E A grocery shop next to the marina.
Superconcas/wiki/Isola_Rossa#SuperconcasProvisions icon Superconcas [[Isola Rossa#Superconcas|Superconcas]] 41°00.702'N, 008°52.826'E A large supermarket E of the harbour. (Mo-Su 08:00-20:00).

Eating out

Numerous restaurants and pizzerias in the town.


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The settlement of Isola Rossa is not particularly well endowed with historic sights. Its principal appeal is the excellent beaches which surround it.


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