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The narrow channel between Jalkjan and Sipan islands (note electricity pylon)

Jakljan Island is the northernmost of a chain of small islands lying barely two miles off the coast of Croatia NW of the port of Dubrovnik, and immediately W of the larger island of Šipan. Known as the Elafiti Islands (from the Greek word elaphos, meaning deer, with which the islands were presumably formerly populated), the chain is mostly heavily forested and unspoilt. Several of the islands are popular day trip destinations for holidaymakers staying in Dubrovnik, but visiting yachts using the various anchorages around the islands can usually escape the worst of the crowds (especially outside the peak months of July and August) and even the busier anchorages quieten down at night when the tripper boats go home. Jakljan Island offers two attractive anchorages in settled weather on its N and E sides.


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Dubrovnik is the nearest year-round port of entry.


[[Image:|thumb|345px|right| ' ]] There are two principal berthing options on the island, the anchorages of Prolaz Harpoti in the narrow channel between Jalkjan and Sipan islands and U. Kosmec on the N side of the island.



Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Prolaz Harpoti

Prolaz Harpoti/wiki/Jakljan#Prolaz_Harpoti
Anchorage icon Prolaz Harpoti [[Jakljan#Prolaz Harpoti|Prolaz Harpoti]] 42°44.033'N, 017°50.195'E
The channel of Prolaz Harpoti lies at the SE end of the island and separates it from the nearby island of Sipan. The anchorage can be approached from either end of the channel, although the headland at the N end of Sipan in the approach from N should be given a generous clearance. An electricity cable spans the channel at its E end, with a clearance of 45 metres. Anchor with care at the N or S end of the long bay on the W side of the channel, noting the inshore rocks fringing the bay and - particularly - the single rock just awash at the S end. You will be dropping anchor in depths of around 10.0 metres, so it is wise to take a line ashore. Holding is good in sand and weed. No facilities ashore.
Anchorage of U. Kosmec on Jalkjan Island

U. Kosmec

U. Kosmec/wiki/Jakljan#U._Kosmec
Anchorage icon U. Kosmec [[Jakljan#U. Kosmec|U. Kosmec]] 42°43.892'N, 017°50.251'E
U. Kosmec is an attractive inlet on the W side of an anvil-shaped promontory at the SE end of the island, just a few hundred metres across the neck of the promontory from Prolaz Harpoti. There is a hotel and campsite ashore and a small jetty used by occasional ferries but no other facilities. Anchor near the head of the inlet in 4.0 - 5.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed. The shelter is good in most conditions except N winds.


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Occasional ferries from Dubrovnik to U. Kosmec.



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