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LAUNDRY - High on my list of wants is a washing machine. Since it isn't going to make the list of items we have, laundry is done in 5-gallon buckets. A toilet plunger makes a good agitator. Liquid laundry detergent and non-chlorine bleach (difficult to find outside the US) is easier to use in a bucket of cold water than powdered, though it does increase the weight of your stores.

LAUNDRY BLEACH - Carrying bottles of laundry bleach, like Clorox, has become too much of a nuisance. Can be bought in most places in the world, so there is no need to stock. When you run out of chlorine bleach, use one or two water purification tablets ("Steadiflow", "Milton's", "Boots") dissolved in 1/2 litre of water - works almost as well, although not as strong.

LAUNDRY MARKER (INDELIBLE) - Invaluable for labeling plastic and glass containers into which strange substances have been transferred (honey and hydraulic oil look the same in a bottle, but salad dressing made with hydraulic oil just doesn't taste the same). Be careful, the newer ones we’ve found use alcohol as the solvent (label says “Alcohol-based, Xylene free), and I have found that they are not really indelible. Most annoying.

LEMON JUICE - Good substitute for fresh lemon juice is Kool-Aid Unsweetened Lemonade mix (in the tiny envelopes). Add to 1 cup of water, can be substituted in any recipe calling for lemon juice - almost indistinguishable from fresh. Will make ceviche (poisson-cru) or non-cook lemon meringue pie exactly the same as fresh lemon juice.

LIGHTS - Dinghy navigation lights are a good idea in busy harbors. US Coast Guard requires them in US waters, should be required elsewhere. Personally know of one dinghy accident resulting in a death that would have been avoided had either or both dinghies had lights.
Waterproof flashlights - a necessity. Carry a small one with you all the time - those paths to the dinghy dock don't look so treacherous in daylight, but can be frightening to reach in the dark.

LYSOL™ - One of those products for which no comparable substitute seems to exist. Used by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta to wash and disinfect scientists working in the extremely dangerous virus section (where they study Ebola Virus, for example), so it must be pretty good. Kills mould, mildew, bacteria; acts as a mildew preventive if a mild solution is allowed to dry on surfaces. Difficult to find outside the US.

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