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Lavezzi archipelago
41°21.596'N, 009°15.132'E Chart icon.png
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Lavezzu 1.JPG
A lighthouse at the Lavezzu island

The Lavezzi archipelago (French: Îles Lavezzi; Corsican: Isuli Lavezzi, Italian: Isole di Lavezzi) is a collection of granite islands, islets and rocks located in about 6 NM SE of Bonifacio in Corse-du-Sud. This is the southernmost point of France in Europe.



See Bonifacio - weather.


N Porto-Vecchio
NW Bonifacio
SE Sardinia: Maddalena archipelago, Palau
SW Sardinia: Santa Teresa Gallura

See also Mediterranean Sea.


The two main islands are:

  • Cavallo is the only inhabited island in the archipelago. As a matter of curiosity the major spoken language there is Italian. Two islets are next to it: San Baïnso and Camaro Canto
  • Lavezzu (Italian: Lavezzo), on which the lighthouse was built in 1874

And a few islets:

  • Porraggia
  • Ratino
  • Piana
  • Perduto (Sperduto) and the rock of Sperduto
Island Lavezzu IMG 20170928 185126.jpg
name of the island

Note: The island of Lavezzu is often refered to as Lavezzi, which appears to be incorrect: various French sources are referencing the island by its Corsical name -- l'île Lavezzu[1], while Italian ones call the island as l'isola di Lavezzo[2]. The island belongs to France hence the name Lavezzu is used here.



Passe de Piantarella

The Passe de Piantarella is a navigable passage between the islets of Porraggia and the rocky area of îles Gavetti next to Corsica shore towards the Piana island. It is marked by a pair of transits: at the Punta Sperono and the NE coast the Piana with bearing 228.5° (or 48° if heading SE).



Ile Cavallo.jpg
Porto di Cavallo

Porto di Cavallo

Porto di Cavallo/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Porto_di_Cavallo
Berth icon Porto di Cavallo [[Lavezzi archipelago#Porto di Cavallo|Porto di Cavallo]] 41°21.715'N, 009°15.857'E
It is the only and a very expensive marina at the archipelago. The approach to the marina is marked by a 4 red/green buoys. In high season their prices are prohibitively high for an ordinary sailor. It is not clear if this marina is open out of season. In any way it's essential to contact the marina before taking an approach. VHF 9; Tel. +33 0495 258011
; mob. +33 672363370 (Enrico).


The anchorages on the archipelago are regulated by the authorities. Check the decree[3] of the Mediterranean prefect of France for a collection of the relevant diagrams.


Îles Lavezzi.jpg
Lavezzu (left: Cala di U Ghiuncu, Cala Lazarina is above; right: Cala di U Grecu)

Cala Lazarina

Cala Lazarina/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_Lazarina
Anchorage icon Cala Lazarina [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala Lazarina|Cala Lazarina]] 41°20.343'N, 009°15.095'E
It is a popular spot at the SW side of the island. Opened to S. Good holding at depths 3-5m. There are some mooring buoys for tripper boats are installed at the cove. Tripper boats leave at about 1600, so they can be taken for an overnight, stay, but they must be vacated before the tripper boats arrive next day. The park's RIB arrives in the morning (around 1000) to check the buoys are free.

Cala di U Ghiuncu

Cala di U Ghiuncu/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_di_U_Ghiuncu
Anchorage icon Cala di U Ghiuncu [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala di U Ghiuncu|Cala di U Ghiuncu]] 41°20.192'N, 009°15.358'E

Just E of the Cala Lazarina tends to be less crowded. It is well protected from Easterlies. Again there are a few tripper boat's buoys in the cove (see above).

Warning: Beware of an unmarked shoal/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#unmarked_shoalDanger icon unmarked shoal [[Lavezzi archipelago#unmarked shoal|unmarked shoal]] 41°20.100'N, 009°15.280'E W of the entrance to the cove. Contrary to that's drawn at the Navionics charts the depth there are apparently less than 2.5 m: a 40" yacht was noticed running on the rocks there. SHOM charts give just 0.6 m depth at this location.

Cala di U Grecu

Cala di U Grecu/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_di_U_Grecu
Anchorage icon Cala di U Grecu [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala di U Grecu|Cala di U Grecu]] 41°20.528'N, 009°15.607'E
The approach for the one on the east is well marked with yellow buoys forming a channel. Watch out for rocks on both sides. The space is very small and it gets very busy in high season. Not protected from winds apart from SW. Depths of about 3m.

Cala della Chiesa

Cala della Chiesa/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_della_Chiesa
Anchorage icon Cala della Chiesa [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala della Chiesa|Cala della Chiesa]]
is located at the NW of the island there are two anchorage spots in the inlets: Cala della Chiesa S inlet/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_della_Chiesa_S_inletAnchorage icon Cala della Chiesa S inlet [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala della Chiesa S inlet|Cala della Chiesa S inlet]] 41°20.714'N, 009°15.175'E and Cala della Chiesa E inlet/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_della_Chiesa_E_inletAnchorage icon Cala della Chiesa E inlet [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala della Chiesa E inlet|Cala della Chiesa E inlet]] 41°20.944'N, 009°15.411'E . Both said to be difficult to access and suitable only for settled weather.


Arrivo a cavallo - panoramio.jpg
Approaching the Cavallo island

Cala di Zeri

Cala di Zeri/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_di_Zeri
Anchorage icon Cala di Zeri [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala di Zeri|Cala di Zeri]] 41°22.216'N, 009°16.115'E
A popular anchorage at the NE; good shelter from the Mistral.

Cala di Palma

Cala di Palma/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_di_Palma
Anchorage icon Cala di Palma [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala di Palma|Cala di Palma]] 41°21.888'N, 009°16.154'E
The access is fringed by rocks. Anchor at 3-4 m on sand. There is a jetty in the head with 1.5 m depth.

Cala di U Ghiuncu

Cala di U Ghiuncu/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_di_U_Ghiuncu
Anchorage icon Cala di U Ghiuncu [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala di U Ghiuncu|Cala di U Ghiuncu]] 41°22.002'N, 009°15.268'E
Take care of the rocks at both sides of the entrance. Anchor at 5-10 m.

Cala di U Grecu (Cavallo)

Cala di U Grecu (Cavallo)/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Cala_di_U_Grecu_.28Cavallo.29
Restricted icon Cala di U Grecu (Cavallo) [[Lavezzi archipelago#Cala di U Grecu (Cavallo)|Cala di U Grecu (Cavallo)]] 41°22.400'N, 009°15.727'E
Warning: The anchorage is prohibited.



Anchorage icon Piantarella [[Lavezzi archipelago#Piantarella|Piantarella]] 41°22.514'N, 009°13.530'E
Between N tip of the island and Corsica. Warning: Take care of a shoal at S. Anchoring further N is prohibited due to submarine pipeline.

Plage Petit Sperone

Plage Petit Sperone/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Plage_Petit_Sperone
Anchorage icon Plage Petit Sperone [[Lavezzi archipelago#Plage Petit Sperone|Plage Petit Sperone]] 41°22.205'N, 009°13.424'E
Between S tip of the island and Petit Sperone beach. Warning: Take care of a shoal at N. Anchoring further E,SE is prohibited.

Calla do Ciappili

Calla do Ciappili/wiki/Lavezzi_archipelago#Calla_do_Ciappili
Anchorage icon Calla do Ciappili [[Lavezzi archipelago#Calla do Ciappili|Calla do Ciappili]] 41°22.022'N, 009°12.830'E
Warning: Take care of the swimming zone at the head of the cove.


Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry None
Fuel None
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals Cavallo: bicycles and electric cars


  • Grocery shop ”Epicerie des Pêcheurs”

Eating out

  • “Le Bistrot” bar-restaurant at the harbour
  • Café "Era Ora"
  • Restaurants at the "Hotel des Pecheurs" nearby



A seasonal foot ferry [4][5] to Piantarella at the SE tip (opposite Piana island) of Corsica.


In season numerous tripper boats are bringing sunbathers to the island's beaches.


Cimetières Sémillante.jpg
Sémillante cementery

Lavezzu island

On the island there are 2 cemeteries with casualties of the famous shipwreck in 1855 of french frigate Sémillante, in which 700 people died. One cemetery is for the captain and priest alone, and the other is for the remaining 698 people.

Cavallo island

A private island, known as a land of rich. On the island there is a commercial area with restaurants and shops, along with the luxury Hotel & Spa des Pêcheurs. Reportedly only bicycles and electric cars are allowed on the island.

Note: Albeit the island is privately owned, "in France private beaches do not exist": as per the French legislation the shoreline is in the public domain (Domaine Public Maritime). Despite of this there are a number of reports of the visitors being bullied by the island's private guards. In such a case: (1) make sure you're in a public domain territory, if so (2) ask them to bring the local police (there are 2 policemen on the island; +33 (0) 495 705128). Usually then the guards go away.



See France.


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