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Luka Solišćica
44°09.724'N, 014°50.959'E Chart icon.png
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At the uvala Soline

Luka Solišćica at the NW end of Dugi Otok, while less popular and offering poorer shelter than Luka Telašćica in the prevailing NW winds, is nevertheless an attractive cruising ground with a greater variety of anchorages and the marina of Marina Veli Rat.


British Admiralty
Croatian charts
M25 (Otok Rab to Sibenik)


See Croatia.





Note: There are a number of dangers in the approach and careful attention to the chart is necessary.

Ship wreck/wiki/Luka_Soli%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Ship_wreckDanger icon Ship wreck [[Luka Solišćica#Ship wreck|Ship wreck]] 44°10.153'N, 014°48.754'E Beware of a stranded wreck at the shoal just E of the rocks of Vele Lagne and Male Lagne.


Bozava is the closest seasonal port of entry. The nearest year-round port of entry is Zadar.


At the Marina Veli Rat


The whole area consists of two bays. The W bay contains the anchorage of Zaljev Pantera, the marina of Marina Veli Rat and the shallow anchorage of U. Cuna. In the E bay is the hamlet of Soline and the inlet of Lucica.

U. Soline

U. Soline/wiki/Luka_Soli%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Soline
Anchorage icon U. Soline [[Luka Solišćica#U. Soline|U. Soline]] 44°08.470'N, 014°52.645'E
The hamlet and anchorage of Soline lies at the SE end of the E bay of Luka Soliscica. Anchor off the village in 6.0 - 8.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed. Shelter here is good in all conditions except strong NW winds, when U. Lucica offers better shelter. No facilities ashore.

U. Lucica

U. Lucica/wiki/Luka_Soli%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Lucica
Anchorage icon U. Lucica [[Luka Solišćica#U. Lucica|U. Lucica]] 44°08.514'N, 014°52.058'E
U. Lucica lies about half a mile WNW of Soline in an inlet protected from all except strong E winds. Anchor 6.0 - 8.0 metres, being careful to avoid the sunken wreck in the centre of the inlet. The holding is moderate to good in mud and weed.

Zaljev Pantera

Zaljev Pantera/wiki/Luka_Soli%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Zaljev_Pantera
Anchorage icon Zaljev Pantera [[Luka Solišćica#Zaljev Pantera|Zaljev Pantera]] 44°08.968'N, 014°50.236'E
The anchorage of Zaljev Pantera is entered by rounding a starboard buoy at the end of a low rocky spit extending for half a mile SE from the headland on the W side of the entrance to Luka Soliscica. After rounding the buoy, head NW for a mile into the anchorage. Anchor in depths of 5.0 metres or, alternatively, pick up one of the mooring buoys provided for visitors (a charge is made). Holding is good in sand. Shelter here is good in all conditions, although strong N winds blow straight over the low lying land on the N wide of the anchorage.

U. Cuna

U. Cuna/wiki/Luka_Soli%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Cuna
Anchorage icon U. Cuna [[Luka Solišćica#U. Cuna|U. Cuna]] 44°08.270'N, 014°51.524'E
U. Cuna is a totally enclosed cove - virtually a ‘hurricane hole’ entered via a narrow channel that continues SE past the marina and village of Veli Rat. The entrance is only suitable for shallow to moderate draft yachts as depths in the marked channel are less than 3.0 metres. Once inside the cove, either anchor in 2.5 - 3.0 metres or pick up one of the numerous mooring buoys laid along the W and NE shores. Holding is excellent in mud, as is the shelter. Restaurants ashore. Note: Water circulation is quite poor in this cove, so in certain conditions a smell develops.

Also see for U. Sakarun facing open sea at the SW coast of the island.



In the marina


In the marina


In the marina


In the marina




Bins in the marina



Bottled gas






Mobile connectivity

Vehicle Rentals


A grocery shop in the village of Veli Rat

Eating out

A few restaurants at the villages of Veli Rat and Verunić and the opposite sides of the U. Cuna, which is next to the Marina Veli Rat.




Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Croatia.


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