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Port of Entry
35°30.02′N, 11°4.03′E Chart icon.png
Mahdia Fishing Harbour Notated.jpg
Satelitte Image Madhia Fishing Harbour

Mahdia is port in Tunisia 20 nm (around 30 nm sailing) south of Monastir and southeast of Sousse. Mahdia is a Port of Entry and a very active fishing port with no yacht marinas.


See Tunisia.


See Tunisia.


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages.


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Approach is straight forward watch out for small fishing vessels, fishing nets and fish farms (shown on chart).


Mahdia is a Port of Entry to Tunisia. But, like all Tunisian ports, you must check-in even if you have already been cleared into the Tunisia.

For details about clearing see Tunisia.


In front of the police building that is on the end of the central dock dividing the northern fishing harbours. Two 40 foot yachts will fit on the end of the dock and if there is no room left yachts will tie up on the outside of the pirate (tourist) ships on the western end of the police building dock. Depth of the water in the middle of the dock is around 2.8 metres due to underwater projection (perhaps rubble) otherwise to the east the depth is more than 3.6m.

Caution: A protruding ledge (around 20cm) just above high water mark runs along the length of the dock and would be a hazard in strong southerly winds. Use large round fenders or a holding off anchor in these conditions.

While it is a busy fishing village with many fishing vessels coming and going all day, wash is not a problem.

The police building is manned 24 hours a day and therefore yachts left in this location are secure.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs




Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Submit addresses and contact details of marine related businesses that are of interest to cruisers.


Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Diesel is available from the fuel dock
Petrol (gasoline) is available from the shell petrol station to the west just outside the harbour area
Gas is also available at the service station but only in exchangeable large household type bottles
is available from the dock from an unlocked metal doored hole in the front of the police building and is of good quality
N/A (Not Available)

Things to do Ashore


List places of interest, tours, etc.

Grocery & Supply Stores

  • Fish, Meat and vegetable markets are open 7 days a week and are located just north of the fishing harbour
  • Market day mostly with clothing and other apparel occurs on Fridays just outside the fishing harbour area and cannot be missed due to its size


  • Cafe Le Medina in the old town has simple but good food, coffees, pancakes etc and has a nice atmosphere


  • No Internet is available from the port
  • Mobile phone shop just north of fishing harbour has mobile phone and or data plans at good prices. As at March 2012 7.5GB data for 32 Dinar and operates at a good speed, better than most western countries.


Motorbike & Car Rentals

Car Rental is available from a little place just south of the Shell service station but be careful of the variable rates (quoted one rate but when car was to be picked up rate nearly doubled).

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is available on west side of fishing hall that adjoins police building.


  • Taxi stand just outside of fishing harbour area


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Tunisia.


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  • S Y Moksha. (LOA 72 feet, draught with keel raised 2.5m) March 2012. Local people are helpful and friendly.. Police building staff are friendly and helpful. We stayed on the police dock for 7 days including 3 days of winds ranging from 35 to 55 sustained knots with gusts to 60 knots from the north. Police building offers protection. Protruding ledge on dock is not a problem if wind is from the north but in anything from the south on the high tide the ledge is likely to be a major problem. Would need an anchor, very large round fenders or some other way to hold yacht off the dock in a southerly blow. --Rr7

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  • SY Moksha (72 feet) visited in March 2012 --Rr7

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