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Manjack Cay
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Manjack Cay

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See Abacos.


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See Abacos.


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  • The southern anchorage, between the beach and Crab Cay is open to winds from the NW to W, but is only a few miles from the sheltered anchorages in Green Turtle Cay.


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Electricity ?
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Internet ?
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Places to Visit

  • Relax on board or on the beaches. Walk the trails to the ocean beach. Swim and snorkel on either side. Learn to do absolutely nothing and do it well!.


  • Bill and Leslie, who live just north of the beach at the main anchorage are good friends of cruisers. Take your dinghy to the dock or beach and say hi. To thank them, take a plastic garbage bag ashore with you, pick up some of the flotsam and jetsam on the island and take it with you
  • This is from Bill and Leslie of Manajck and is to further clarify the above comments. We are former cruisers who have moved ashore but do still enjoy meeting the serious cruisers and nature lovers. We have well marked nature trails that will take you from our small palm tree Iined beach, across the island, to a beautiful ocean beach. We prefer that you land at the beach rather than our small, well used ,house dock. Also, we do have pet chickens free ranging, including the beach, so we request that dogs be leashed.

Enjoy, --Bill


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See Abacos.


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  • A wonderful quiet place with nice beaches and paths to beaches on the ocean. The residents are very friendly to boaters.
  • This is from Bill and Leslie of Manjack Cay and it is to correct and clarify a previous posting about us.
    I'm sorry to announce that we are no longer able to share our wifi with cruisers as previously stated by some unknown person on this site. We we're happy to do so for several years but through VHF chatter and various blogs it came to the attention of Bahamas WiMAX, who sells the service from nearby Green Turtle Cay, that we were giving it away. That was hurting their business so they asked us to stop or else pay for a commercial account like a marina or hotel that gave it away to customers. The cost was beyond our means so we had no choice but to turn it off for the harbor.

Sorry --BillIs Islandpi0neers

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