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43°45.590'N, 015°20.715'E Chart icon.png
lat=43.75983683872359 | lon=15.34524873646309 | zoom=16 | y
Marina Piskera from SE
Radio VHF channel 17
Phone ?
Mobile +385 (91) 470 0091
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 118
Max. length 30 metres
Max. draft 3.5 metres
Fuel None
Water Yes (0800-1000)
Electricity Yes (0800 - 1200 and 1800 - 2400)
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry No
Internet No
Cable TV No
Hours Apr-Oct
Address (Postal) Obala sv. Ivana 47 E, 22242 Jezera, Croatia
More notes about the marina
Marina Piškera.jpg
Marina Piskera
Plan of Marina Piskera

Marina Piškera lies on a small islet, Vela Panitula, off the S coast of the island of Piškera in the Kornati archipelago in Croatia. The berths are located at the narrow channel between Piškera and Vela Panitula.

The marina, which opens from 1 April to 31 October only, offers a total of 118 berths for yachts up to 30 metres in depths of up to 3.5 metres. The marina is safe in most wind conditions, but becomes very uncomfortable with strong S winds.

Because of its isolated position, water and electricity are rationed by only being available at restricted hours (and a substantial charge is made).


The marina is situated on the S side of the island of Piškera about two miles SW of the larger island of Kornat in the Kornati archipelago. This is the only marina in the Kornati National Park. The other one in this archipelago -- Marina Žut -- is outside of the park.


The approach to Marina Piskera is largely free of dangers, although there are numerous islets and reefs and a large scale chart is needed. From N, a yacht passes through the narrow channel between Piskera and Mala Lavsa islands before turning to starboard to enter the marina from the SE, leaving the islet of Mala Panitula to port. From S, a yacht can either leave Mala Panitula to port on entering or pass between Vela Panitula islet and the reef of Skanji Veli about 150 metres off its SE tip. This channel is very narrow, but depths are 7.0 metres. Shelter inside the marina is good in most conditions, but strong S winds make it very uncomfortable.

Note: The N channel between Piškera and Vela Panitula at the top end of the marina is shallow and rocky and impassable by a yacht.


Visiting yachts berth stern/bows-to at one of six pontoons extending N from the islet of Vela Panitula. Depths on the pontoons range from 2.5 to 3.5 metres. Deeper draft yachts berth on the end of the central pontoons. Laid moorings at all berths. Yachts over 25 metres berth on the reception pontoon.


  • Reception desk
  • Money exchange
  • Restaurant Klif
  • Grocery store
  • Toilets
  • Showers

Note: There is also an independent konoba at the Piškera proper just across a narrow passage from the marina. The owner provides a transfer.





Mobile connectivity

The marina has strong 4G signal, with clear voice service and usable internet speeds.




For the latest prices see Price Listing.

Note: A berth price includes an entrance fee into the National park which is valid until 10:00 of the next day. The marina also sells the park's tickets at the nominal ("external") price for ones who wants to stay in Kornati after leaving the marina.


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