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Northern Cyprus
35°18.558'N, 033°47.869'E Chart icon.png
lat=35.3093 | lon=33.79782 | zoom=8 | y
Norhern Cyprus (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg
Capital North Nicosia (Lefkoşa)
Language Turkish
Currency Turkish Lira
Time zone EET (UTC+2) , DST: EEST (UTC+3)
Calling code +90 392

Northern Cyprus (Turkish: Kuzey Kıbrıs), officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC; Turkish: Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti), is a de facto state that comprises the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey, Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community to be part of the Republic of Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus extends from the tip of the Karpass Peninsula in the northeast to Morphou Bay, Cape Kormakitis and its westernmost point, the Kokkina exclave in the west. Its southernmost point is the village of Louroujina. A buffer zone under the control of the United Nations stretches between Northern Cyprus and the rest of the island and divides Nicosia, the island's largest city and capital of both sides.

A coup d'état in 1974, performed as part of an attempt to annex the island to Greece, prompted the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. This resulted in the eviction of much of the north's Greek Cypriot population, the flight of Turkish Cypriots from the south, and the partitioning of the island, leading to a unilateral declaration of independence by the North in 1983. Due to its lack of recognition, Northern Cyprus is heavily dependent on Turkey for economic, political and military support.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Karpaz Gate Marina

Karpaz Gate Marina/wiki/Northern_Cyprus#Karpaz_Gate_Marina
Marina icon Karpaz Gate Marina [[Northern Cyprus#Karpaz Gate Marina|Karpaz Gate Marina]] 35°33.459'N, 034°13.691'E

300 berths for boats from 5.5 to 55 m long. Full facilitiers. Fuel station, laundry, WiFi, TV, water, electricity. 300 T travellift, chandlery. ATM, minimarket, restaurant. Shutle service to main town.; Tel: +90 (362) 229 2800; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel 10
Address: P.O. Box 12, Yenierekoy/Iskele, Kibris, Mersin 10, Turkey


By Air
As the state is not recognised by any international organisation, its Ercan Airport ECN IATA is not recognised by the IATA. This means all flights (including charters) must touch down in Turkey before continuing to Ercan. Scheduled flights on Turkish Airlines, Atlasjet and Pegasus connect via various destinations in Turkey, and to countries such as the UK, Germany and Iran.
It is also possible to fly to airports in the Republic of Cyprus (Larnaca is the closest) and take a taxi to the north, crossing the Green Line near Nicosia. It is best to have a travel operator arrange for a taxi from the north to collect you, since Greek Cypriot taxi drivers may not be willing to take tourists to the north. See details on crossing the Green Line below.
Alternatively - to avoid paying a "travel operator" - you can walk across the border at Ledra Street. There is a small tourist information kiosk on the left as soon as you cross.
By boat
Ferries operated by Akgunlerdenizcilik connect Kyrenia / Girne to Alanya, Taşucu and Mersin in Turkey. They also advertise ferries between Turkey and Famagusta but show no times or prices, and it's unlikely that these are running in 2018.
The fast ferry from Alanya only runs in summer: from Alanya Thurs & Sun at noon, from Kyrenia Wed & Sat at 10:00. This is a catamaran (shown in timetables as deniz otobüsü) for foot passengers taking about 2 hrs 30.
A similar fast-cat ferry, summer only, takes just 80 mins from Mersin. This runs from Mersin Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday 21:00, from Kyrenia M, W & F at 23:00.
The third fast-cat route, summer only, takes two hours from Taşucu. This runs Fridays only from Taşucu at 14:00 and from Girne at 10:00.
The only car ferry is from Taşucu and takes six hours. It runs four times a week in summer: from Taşucu on Sun, M, Tu & Th at 23:30 and from Kyrenia M & Tu at 14:00, W & F at 23:30. This ferry runs all year; winter 2018 / 19 times are not yet posted.
On foot
You can cross by foot at Ledra Street in the old town, and at the Ledra Palace crossing point to the west of the old town. Both crossings are for pedestrians only, so if you are travelling by car, you will need to use one of the other crossing points. See below for details on crossing the Green Line.


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