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Port Blair
Port of Entry
11°40.920'N, 092°44.088'E Chart icon.png
lat=11.682 | lon=92.7348 | zoom=14 | y
Port Blair, Andamans

Port Blair, the Andaman Islands capital, is steeped in British tradition, and the clearance procedures are a lengthy experience. Customs, Immigration, Coast Guard, Harbour Master and the Forestry Department all require written requests before providing formally written approvals. Detailed itineraries need to be planned and submitted, and twice daily radio check-ins ensure that the authorities know where we are at all times. It may take up to a couple of days to clear-in, including arranging with the Harbour Master to take on water at the commercial dock. Port Blair water is not potable but is fine for washing and showering. Clearance requires lots of paperwork.


See Andamans.


See Andamans.


See Andamans.


  • Chatham Island
  • Ross Island

See also Andamans.


See Andamans.


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Port Blair is a port of entry for India. For details see Entrance: India.

You must have a valid Indian visa, and if you wish to take advantage of the maximum 30 days' stay, ensure your Indian visa does not expire before this time.

It has been reported that clearance is a lengthy procedure.


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