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Porto Torres
Port of Entry
40°50.850'N, 008°24.090'E Chart icon.png
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The large commercial port of Porto Torres is situated on the N coast of the island of Sardinia, 15 miles WSW of Castelsardo and 10 miles SE of the small harbour of Stintino.
Porto Torres from SE. Marina Turritana (right); Marina Cormorana (left)
Berths in Marina Turritana

A man-made harbour dating back to Roman times, Porto Torres was once the most important port in Sardinia after Cagliari.

Today it is a major centre for production of chemicals and an important transport hub for ferries to the S of France and Spain. The industrial harbour is unsuitable for yachts, but the smaller, commercial harbour on the E, where the ferries berth, contains two small basins at its SE end which have been converted into marinas.


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The industrial harbour/wiki/Porto_Torres#industrial_harbourWorld icon.png industrial harbour [[Porto Torres#industrial harbour|industrial harbour]] is clearly identifiable from some distance by the industrial development that surrounds it.

A relatively smaller, commercial harbour/wiki/Porto_Torres#commercial_harbourWorld icon.png commercial harbour [[Porto Torres#commercial harbour|commercial harbour]] where yachts berth is entered from NE between a long curving W breakwater and a shorter E one, keeping a careful watch for ferries leaving at speed.

Depths in the entrance are 7.0 - 8.0 metres. On entry, turn to port and follow the line of the E breakwater, which leads to the inner basins where the marinas are situated.

W of the industrial harbour lies a small private harbour of Marina Fiume Santo/wiki/Porto_Torres#Marina_Fiume_SantoWorld icon.png Marina Fiume Santo [[Porto Torres#Marina Fiume Santo|Marina Fiume Santo]] which belongs to a boat yard, which is as of 2017 is on sale.


There are two berthing options, the two marinas in the inner basins. The commercial harbour is unsuitable for yachts.

Marina Turritana/wiki/Porto_Torres#Marina_TurritanaBerth icon Marina Turritana [[Porto Torres#Marina Turritana|Marina Turritana]] 40°50.490'N, 008°24.290'E At the N basin offers around 2215 berths for yachts up to 30 metres and maximum draft of 3 metres. Berths are stern or bows-to on five pontoons. Water and electricity at all berths. Lift out is possible for vessels 30T, 80T. Rates. VHF 9; Phones +390795046125, +393927370328, +393358375002 (Michele).

Marina Cormorano/wiki/Porto_Torres#Marina_CormoranoBerth icon Marina Cormorano [[Porto Torres#Marina Cormorano|Marina Cormorano]] 40°50.394'N, 008°24.213'E At the S basin offers around 150 berths for yachts up to 35 metres and maximum draft of 4.0 metres. Berths are stern or bows-to on two long pontoons. Water and electricity at all berths. Wifi. Café/bar. Toilets and showers. ATM/cashpoint. Tariffs. VHF 74; Telephone: +39 079 512290. Fax: +39 079 515250. Email:info@cormorano.com.



Water In the marinas
Electricity In the marinas
Toilets In the marinas
Showers In the marinas
Garbage In the marinas
Fuel in the marinas
Bottled gas
Chandlers None
Repairs Lift out facilities and most repairs possible at the Marina Turritana
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Supermarket and other provisions in the town.

Eating out

Numerous restaurants and pizzerias in the town.



Basilica San Gavino

The 11the century Basilico of San Gavino in the town is the largest Romanesque church in Sardinia. Much of the interior was constructed using materials from ancient Roman temples, including most of the columns. In the crypt are several fine Roman sarcophagi.

There are also a number of Neolithic and nuraghic remains within easy reach of Porto Torres.

Sassari -- the capital of the province and the 2nd largest city on Sardinia is just in 15 min. by a train from Porto Torres (alternatively take a bus).


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