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Port of Entry
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Pythagorio (Πυθαγόριο) Harbor, sometimes referred to by the locals by its old name Tigani (frying pan), is the best natural harbor in Samos. It provides all-weather shelter although the outer harbor is open to the SE. One can either moor in the inner harbor or anchor in the outer harbor. In the inner harbor, anchor towards the north end of the quay, avoiding the SW end where most of the day-trip boats moor. Depths are little more than 5.0 metres anywhere in the harbor, so it should not be necessary to lay out any more than 25 metres of chain, since the holding in mud is excellent. If you do, you make it more likely that someone will lay over your chain (because the inner harbor is always very crowded, especially in summer, fouled anchors are common). The outer harbor is very safe with the meltemi, I was there with a force 8 wind without any problems. However, the outer harbor is not safe with E and SE winds. Two anchors are advisable.

Pythagorio Harbor is a port of entry into Greece. Until 1997 there was an attendant who listened on VHF channel 12 and also operated the fuel pump at the W of the harbor. Because the township failed to pay his salary he resigned. During the 1998-9 seasons there was no attendant and the fuel pump is no longer operational. The nearest gas station, is 4 km out of town. For fuel, it is best to go to the Pythagorio Marina, about 1.5 M to the N. At times, there is a strong smell of sewerage in the inner harbor. There are several water outlets on the quay and electrical outlets. For connection to either the water or electricity, see Mr. Nikos, the attendant (he is there 8:00 to 12:00 and 5:00 to 8:00 PM and can be reached by phone at +30 6977 904 922).

The town of Pythagorio, while attractive, is heavily touristic and extremely noisy at night. A disco at the E end of the harbor broadcasts until 2:00 AM. There is a museum and many stores. Most of them will deliver provisions to the quay, if asked. Most of the restaurants are of low quality and overpriced.

The Harbor
Yachts on Pythagorion quay
Fishing boats occupy much of the harbor


See Samos.


See Samos.




Also see World Cruiser's Nets


Warning: Be aware of the Dangerous Rock with a beacon almost in the middle of the inner harbor's entrance, always enter from the N side.


Pythagorio is a port of entry into Greece. The Limenarchio (Coast Guard VHF channel 12 or tel. +30 2730 61 225) expects to be informed if you are entering Greece from Turkey.

Chart of Pythagorio Harbor


As of 2021 you may no longer anchor inside the bay, allegedly due to complaints related to sewage dumping from cruisers, said the harbour attendant who comes out on his dinghy when he sees someone trying to anchor there. Also “cause of the ferry” he said. This year prices at the harbour have gone up. How convenient... Either way you get to pay for a bad night of sleep due to the loud tourist bars. Super fun. Water and electricity is extra.

If you decide to go ahead and dock at the harbour the attendant will give you a hand. There are moring lines on the west side of the harbour.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Water On the quay. Call Mr. Nikos at +30 6977 904 922
Electricity On the quay. Call Mr. Nikos at +30 6977 904 922
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Garbage There are bins in the harbor and in town
Fuel is available in the harbor by a mini-tanker
It is best to go to the pump in Samos Marina, about 1.5 nM to the N
Bottled gas In grocery stores
  • There are at least two chandlery stores in Pythagorio
  • The store on the main street vertical to the harbor is well stocked
Repairs In Samos Marina
Mobile connectivity Strong 4G signal
Vehicle rentals There are many agencies, Aramis is very friendly to cruisers


  • There several grocery stores in town (walking distance) July 2017 - and certainly less expensive than other islands.
  • There is a supermarket in the Samos Marina, about 1.5 M to the N
  • There is a large supermarket, the Bazaar, on the road between the Vathi and Pythagorio
  • There are several smaller stores near the airport towards the town of Chora

Eating out

  • Most of the eateries in Pythagorio are overpriced and of low quality (tourist traps).
 -- July 2017: Found that most restaurants we visited were inexpensive and excellent quality, certainly better than many Dodecanese Islands visited this year.
  • The Maritsa Taverna, up the hill from the western end of the harbour, is better than average (and, most importantly, patronised by the locals).


  • The airport is about 2 km from Pythagorio. There are daily, and in the summer several per day, flights from Athens and charter flights to Europe
  • In the summer there is Hydrofoil service to several of the Dodecanese islands and to Kusadasi
  • There are almost daily ferries from Vathi to Piraeus and the Cyclades and a few times a week to the N islands and Thessaloniki



See Samos.

Places to Visit

The sacred way, Ireon
The Sanctuary of Hera in Samos
The Eupalinos tunnel, an ancient engineering feat
The Eupalinion Tunnel in Samos
Click for larger view'

Near Pythagorio next to the airport is the most important archaeological site in Samos: the Heraion sanctuary to the goddess Hera. In town a new museum opened in 2010. It is very informative with well lit and labeled exhibit cases. A must see along with the Heraion.

Just out of town is the aqueduct tunnel of Eupalinos, constructed in 524 BC and, along with the original harbor, one of the engineering wonders of the ancient world. At the Doryssa hotel there is an interesting Folkloric Museum. Also there is a small museum very close to the harbor.


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See Greece.


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  • Because of the almost circular shape of the harbor crossed anchors are very common --Istioploos
  • We anchored outside the harbour and rented a car for 40 Euro and did a one-day tour of most of the Island except the East end. -
  • July 2013 --LifePart2 Sailboat favicon.pngLifePart2 blog on Samos
  • Whilst Pythagorion is undoubtedly noisy, it has a good feel and atmosphere. The restaurant and shop owners are really attentive to clientele. We found juice/coffee/beer a little more expensive than other islands, but the quality of food in restaurants was generally far superior than many places on our travels between Cyprus and Samos. The Supermarkets are generally less expensive too. Car hire is an exception, we were quoted €50 a day, which eventually negotiated to €40 - far more than we have paid anywhere else. The Habour Master "Diamond" will come to the boat daily to collect €10 (Berth fees including water and electric) irrespective of boat length. And, he is very helpful. --S/Y Speedbird 15:11, 30 July 2017 (BST)

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